I Tried Tinder for the First Time for 5 Days

The stories I've heard of Tinder helped me decide that I would never try the app. It didn't seem like a thing I wanted to get into, and I felt it wasn't something I would enjoy.

After much (I am not kidding, it took me about a month to build up the courage to download the app) consideration, I took the dive into the unknown world of online dating.

I downloaded Tinder, set up my account, and started swiping.


Day 1

There were a lot of left swipes, a lot of shirtless guys, a lot of fish holding pictures. Also, why do guys love to post group shots so you never know which one he is?

Day 2
Of course I woke up the next day with a strange man following me on Instagram, he'd sent me a message request, "Good Morning". I declined the message, and then unlinked my Instagram from my Tinder. I had one Super Like, but I respectfully swiped left.

Day 3
I won't lie, by this point I was feeling a little weary of the app. Maybe because I wasn't used to it, or maybe because it wasn't my thing. I felt so exposed, anyone could see me, and judge me based on one single picture.

I had more than one picture on my profile, but let's face it...most guys are just swiping on instinct. You'd have to really catch his attention for him to open your profile.

I didn't do much swiping simply because I was feeling weird about Tinder on this particular day.

Day 4
4 matches with 4 cute guys. But that was it, there was no contact besides the match, and I was actually relieved I didn't receive a message from any of them. It suddenly became real, if one of them messaged me, I'd have to come up with some clever response.

Day 5
This day was the most action I got from the app over the entire five days. One of my matches actually messaged me. The conversation didn't last long, but it served as my Tinder send off...not everyone stays quiet after matching!

In conclusion...
I had a difficult time feeling comfortable on Tinder. It took a lot for me to build up the nerve to create a profile, and when I was finally on there I went back and forth between having fun, and hating it.

There were a lot of people from my college campus on there, I swiped left on all of them. However, I found one guy who I'm particularly fond of, but I didn't take my chance. Since I didn't want to swipe left, and felt awkward to swipe right I just reset my discovery settings so he would disappear without me having to swipe.

I think Tinder is a good place for people to find each other as long as you're both honest about what you're looking for.

I discovered that being flirty in real life is a lot more fun than waiting for something to happen online. Striking up a conversation with someone I know in real life, someone I have some kind of history with, is more exciting for me.

But everyone is different, and meeting someone online might be a lot easier for other people! As for me, deleting my Tinder profile was like a breath of fresh air.