15 Important Things I Learned By Age 22

It's a funny thing to turn 22. It's not 16, and it's not 21...it's like embarking on an entirely new trip of life.

In my 22 years I've learned a few things, both in experiences, and in failures. There is still a lot for me to discover, but here are a few things I've gotten a grasp on.


1. Learn to say "no" to things you don't want, or don't want to do

2. Somethings are out of your control, they will happen the way they are supposed to

3. Be in the moment, enjoy it, once it's gone it only exists in your memory

4. Take time for yourself

5. Every little, or big moment in your life will be beneficial to a future moment in your life


6. What you put into the universe is what you get back

7. Take baby steps out of your comfort zone

8. Say "yes" to things you really want to do, even if you're afraid

9. No matter what you think you want, something, or someone will come out of the blue and be the complete opposite of what you had in mind (in a good way!)

10. Expand your mind, be open to new thoughts, ideas, and ways of life, try new things


11. Your feelings will often overrule your thoughts

12. Talk to people, they're not as scary as they seem

13. Write or talk about your thoughts, and feelings. Keeping them pent up will only make things harder on you and your mind

14. Use your voice, it is important in this world even if you might think otherwise

15. Don't limit yourself out of fear, LIVE!