15 April 2018

15 Important Things I Learned By Age 22

It's a funny thing to turn 22. It's not 16, and it's not 21...it's like embarking on an entirely new trip of life.

In my 22 years I've learned a few things, both in experiences, and in failures. There is still a lot for me to discover, but here are a few things I've gotten a grasp on.


03 April 2018

I Tried Tinder for the First Time for 5 Days

The stories I've heard of Tinder helped me decide that I would never try the app. It didn't seem like a thing I wanted to get into, and I just felt it wasn't something I would enjoy.

As time has passed, I've heard more and more people talking about Tinder, so after much (I am not kidding, it took me about a month to build up the courage to download the app) consideration, I took the dive.

I downloaded Tinder, set up my account, and started swiping.


Day 1

There were a lot of left swipes, what's up with all the shirtless guys, and fish holding pictures? Also, why do guys love to post group shots so you never know which one is him?
After the first day, I wasn't impressed.