5 Activities For When You're Feeling Glum

I am the first person to admit that I am not always happy. I don't think anyone is ever always happy. We all have days when we're sad, melancholic, nervous, agitated, frustrated, stressed...the list could go on forever!

I have noticed trends of emotions in my own life. I'll have a few weeks of average happiness, when I have some normal stress but I am not constantly thinking about it. Then I'll feel myself beginning to slip down the slipper slope of sadness, and anxiety.

If you're ever feeling a little down, or under the weather, here are some things that might give you an emotional boost!

1. Read a book

You can pick up that book you've been eyeing for a while now, or you can re-read a favorite! No one said you couldn't read a book twice!

2. Listen to music

Source: Nicole De Khors

I think this is a no brainer, but to go full out and really be on your own, go somewhere safe, and peaceful. Listen to your music, close your eyes, be on your own and feel the beat in your soul.

3. Bath, or shower

Source: Sarah Pflug

There is a serenity in being on your own, some good smelling products that are soaking into your skin. Just you, the water.

4. Play a game

Source: Shopify

When I'm feeling like the stresses of my semi-adult life are too much, I will usually dive into my fake Sim life. I don't think there is any shame in playing video games as an adult. I think that as long as you know how to handle your time, and play in moderation, it can really ease the your own stress!

5. Step away from social media

In our world today it is rare to go out and see people without their phone in their hand. I think phones are important, they allow us to communicate, reach for help in an emergency, and get us out of awkward situations (sometimes..). But with the advance in technology there is the advance of social media. I think everyone needs a break, a day or two (if you dare to try a week, go for it!) without social media. Can you imagine how much happier everyone would be?