New Year Goals Are Not A Requirement

With a new year comes this idea that you need to create a list of super strict goals for yourself. We often hear "new year, new me" but that doesn't mean that you need to completely rid of your old habits.

I think you can always work to improve yourself, that should always be the priority. You will not become a better version of yourself if you restrict yourself from things you're used to overnight.

New year goals are not a requirement. If you choose to set goals, and aspirations for yourself that's amazing, but don't feel chained to them. Not setting goals for yourself doesn't mean that you'll fail in the coming year, no one ever really knows what the new year will bring.

If you create goals for yourself that seem too strict, or too hard on you then you will be less likely to follow through.

A clean slate gives you an opportunity to create new ideas, new opportunities, new adventures. Everything with moderation is good, so make sure you're taking baby steps. No one said you have to go full steam ahead the minute we ring in the new year.