DIY Candy Cane Holder

SO last minute, but hey, that's the way some of us roll.

If you have a chance to pop into a store, or you already have this material, it is inexpensive and totally adorable!

What you'll need:

♡ Paper 
♡ Felt 
Light, and dark grey
Pink, blue, purple, orange, red, green, etc.
♡ Scissors 
You can use fun scissors with squiggly ends, or normal ends 
♡ Goggly Eyes 
♡ Mini Buttons 
♡ Glue Gun 
♡ Sparkly Sequins 
♡ Candy Canes 

You'll want to make the shape of a mouse on a piece of paper, oval with a pointed end on the grey felt. 
You'll also need the shape of the ears (larger) and the inside of the ears (smaller), cut them out and the place them on top of the felt, and cut them out.

Make sure you cut two little slits on the shape of the mouse (grey felt, after the mouse shape is cut out) for the candy canes to go through, as seen at the very end.

After you cut all of these out you want to set up your little station with all your cute decorations, and pieces.

To begin gluing:

Glue the smaller, lighter felt to the darker, larger felt:

Place two fingers from the tip of the mouse and put the ears right above, to make sure you  have space for the eyes and nose!

Then glue on the eyes, the nose at the tip, and if you want to add sparkle you now use the sequin to make a cute little ear decoration!

Once you're done with the cutting and the gluing, all that's left is putting the candy canes in!

And they're all set to be given as cute little sides to a sweet gift!

These can obviously be made for pencils as well, or you can even get fun and creative and make reindeer, kittens, puppies, bunnies, its up to you!

Show me pictures if you recreate these, tag me or tweet me!

Photos are mine and cannot be used without my permission.