Decorating For Christmas

This is my absolute favorite time of year. It feels warm at home because the of the lights and cooking food, there are holiday movies playing on the t.v. and the Christmas commercials are playing left and right.
I can honestly say that the Christmas season is the one I enjoy the most, and look forward to all year (for crying out loud, I was sining Christmas music throughout the entire summer), so it's fairly easy to say that I thoroughly enjoy decorating for Christmas, putting up the tree, the lights, the smallest details warm my heart.
So I've decided it would be fun to make a post about Christmas decorating, this year my family and I have really gone a little bit farther with the decorations than other years, and that makes me extremely happy. 

So if you haven't decorated yet and you need some inspiration, or you are in the mood to change it up a little, this is how my house is decorated this year!

Photos are mine and cannot be used without my sole permission.