December IPSY Bag!!

I haven't done one of these in quite some time, thought I might show you what I've got this time around it being the holidays and that..

Briogeo Curl Charisma

I haven't tried this yet, I might give it a go next time I wash my hair!
I do have curly hair, which can be quite a hassle sometimes (but it's alright..really) so we'll see what this little product does for me!

Deep Moisture Mask

This can be used as a mask, or as a moisturizer. I like that it says "moisturizer" because the days have gotten chilly, and windy which means my skin is not having it. Yup, with the cold, and the wind comes dry skin and it is horrible to have to deal with. However, I also have extremely sensitive skin, which means I have to be careful with the products I experiment with, they might break me out BIG TIME. I might try this out, start slowly, see how my skin reacts.

Peony Shadow Trio

Look at how pretty! I love these colors, so neutral, so natural, so festive! I think these three shades could make a magical smokey eye for those holiday parties, or stay at home parties (because hey those are pretty awesome too!)

Thank ME Later Eye Shadow Primer

Says it all, will I thank it later? I guess I'll figure that out with time, and can you really put on shadow without primer?!

Pacifica Power of Love Lipstick

A lovely slightly darker than neutral lipstick that is all natural and 100% Vegan, how lovely. I'm not big on lipstick, mainly because I haven't really thrown myself into them, but hey, I might just give it a go!

And who can forget the bag? Definitely loved how festive and simple this month's bag was.

What was in your December ipsy bag?
Happy Holidays.

ALL photos are mine and cannot be used without my permission.