23 November 2015

Mockingjay Pt. 2 & The Hunger Games Exhibition

In honor of the FINAL Hunger Games film being released over the weekend, I've got something fun for you today!
I watched the movie yesterday and I cried like a BABY, because how could anyone not?!

Moving on, I went to the Hunger Games exhibition over the summer, and I really enjoyed myself. It was a fun little inside peek at the films, real props and costumes, and insider facts.

The exhibition won't be in NYC for long, however! It will be picking up and moving West in 2016 so if you haven't gotten a change to visit, make sure you do (obvs if you can!)

19 November 2015

November Music Faves!

I don't even know how to contain myself with all the new music being released this month, what kind of wonderful gift/punishment is this?!

I was getting pretty bored of listening to the same songs, you know, I was listening to them every time I sat and plugged my headphones in so I'm extremely glad to have new music to satisfy my ears, heart, and soul.

I've created a playlist of all the songs listed below!