17 September 2015

Confetti, Stickers, & Stationary Galore! | Website Finds

Hello! It has definitely been a while since my last post, I apologize.
I have returned to school and been back for three weeks now (CRAZY!) So I've been adjusting to the schedule of school and work again, and haven't really had time to put much thought into any posts..
But ALAS! I am back and I come to you with some of my most favorite website finds :)


OKAAY. You open up the website and instantly fall in love...am I right?!

If you're a stationary fanatic like me, then this site is definitely calling your name!
ban.do carries everything from planners/agendas, notebooks, pens, sticky notes, buttons/pins, celebration cards, bags, and even CONFETTI!!
You heard me, folks, confetti.

Such lovely products, and that's not even half of what they have to offer.
I say you have a little visit and let me know what you're favorite item is!
Mine? .... Literally everything!

I'll have another website find for you next Thursday!
See you later, alligator.

Photos are screenshots of products on the ban.do site.