Perfect Movie Scene in New York City!

I had a nice little visit to NYC with my family yesterday, and we took the opportunity to visit Bryant Park.
I had never been there before, so the stroll was actually quite lovely, especially so early in the morning when it was almost completely empty.
We spent a lot of time just hanging out there, they had a carousal (that was closed while we were there), they also had little food stands with coffee, and bagels which could totally come in handy if you're looking to have a relaxing park breakfast. There was an exercise group in the middle part of the park, doing tai-chi to a slow beating drum. There were couples, families, friends, all kinds of people just enjoying the beautiful weather, the breeze was just right, and the sun was not too overbearing.
It was like the perfect lunch scene from a movie.

It's pretty crazy how the park is a little world completely on it's own, and all around it exists soaring skyscrapers with other little worlds all on their own.

(Photos belong to Joanna/JBA and cannot be used by anyone else without permission)