5 of Blair Waldorf's Best Outfits on "Gossip Girl"

What girl hasn't had serious fashion envy on Blair Waldorf?
I know I have.
Watching the show I noticed the change in fashion (and technology) as the show advanced and the years progressed. Blair's attire in 2009 was completely different to her attire in 2012.
So here we are, 5 of Blair's best outfits (tough decisions) 

I was instantly in love with this outfit when I saw it on B.
During that trying time in which she was engaged to Louis and was spending time with his ever annoying and conniving sister Beatrice who continued to attack Blair behind her back (also, in case you do not remember, Blair had just found out she was pregnant.......yeaaah)

Back when Blair was still very single (pre-Louis engagement, pregnancy, car accident, and "contract marriage") she was actually interning at W, until her boss quit and passed her position to Blair, who succeeded at first (in some quite fashionable attire like the one above), until she had so much on her plate and so little help it was over before it had ever really begun :(

Back to the engaged to Louis era, right after her accident while attempting to run away with Chuck, resulting in the loss of her baby. Finding a good friend in Dan, Blair frequented church for advice from a priest she considered close who offered her advice after she made a difficult promise in return of Chuck's life (Dramatic. I know)

Ahh, those were the Constance days...when all was much simpler. As you advance through the series you realize how much you miss the Gossip Girl squad at school. Look at this preppy goodness, who could work orange tights and a yellow raincoat with a school uniform better than Queen B herself?

One of Blair's most casual outfits (besides her post wedding dress/runaway bride look)
Cute, casual, put together. During her attempts to help Chuck with his mission of taking down his horrible father (spot Lily).

Well that's it, there are so many amazing looks Queen B graced us with on GG, but I chose 5 of my favorites.
 However, I do have an extremely important outfit, wedding dress #2 (but let's be honest, does wedding dress #1 even really count?)

Sigh. What a beaut.

What were your your favorite BW looks?

(photos are not mine)