♡ Insta Posts of the Week ♡ 6.21.15

Happy Father's Day to all the papas out there :)

Here are my favorite Instagram posts of the past week :)

Ashley Tisdale 

 Zack, Maddie, and Cody (in that order).
How long has it been since we've seen Dylan, Ashley, and Cole all together?!
(I think I might have seen Dylan eating a sandwich in New York once, I side-eyed him really hard to figure out if it was him or not, but at the end of the day I never stopped to confirm it. I'm almost completely sure it was him, though. Pretty cool)

Lauren Jauregui
(first time I double post for one person, but how can you not with Lauren...?)

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What a pretty lady. And you know what makes her even more lovely?!

I'm feeling quite sad today reflecting on the state of our world. There is such a deep and alarming need to awaken people's empathy. People's ability to recognize the humanity in every single human being around them and the fact that the only race is the human race. We may be different shades, we may be different genders, we may have different views and beliefs but we are the SAME. When you look up into the sky and see something flying, you don't think about calling it a bird, it just is one. Whether it's blue or green or multicolored, it is a bird that needs to fly. We are all humans with the need to survive and love. We need to STOP this division, creating labels and groups that target our differences. We need to stop dwelling on them and start building on our commonality. Recognize that it is just WRONG to stereotype, persecute, oppress, murder, (the atrocities are endless) HUMAN BEINGS. I have seen this trend about saving dogs from being murdered in China. There's a petition with millions of signatures recognizing this as an atrocity and acting on it and raising awareness for this to stop. When are we going to start taking that same initiative with one another? When are we going to recognize that what happened in Charleston was a BLATANT act of violence fueled by an institutionalized entitlement and privilege. That man was not crazy, he thought and was taught that it is ok to think of an African American as less than himself. He is a product of RACISM. When is a Law Enforcement official, considered an esteemed member of society because of how honorable his job is, going to be indicted for doing the most dishonorable thing you can do to another human being (murder)? Where are the petitions and the voices surpassing the oppressed? WHERE IS EVERYONE'S SOUL AND HUMAN EMPATHY. Why do we blind ourselves. Why are we scared to change it. We can change it. We have lost the ability to recognize that a living being is precious. That life is precious and short. And just because someone doesn't look or think like you, or express themselves in this world the way you think is proper does NOT give you the right to dehumanize and oppress them. We need to do better.
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THIS. I hope you read the whole thing, and understand what she is saying. Because I could not agree more with it. When will our world learn? When will we learn to love, accept, and live in a just way?

Tom Austen

In case you do not know, Tom Austen is from a television show "The Royals" on E!
Let me tell you, if you have not watched this show, you should. They are currently filming Season 2 (YESSS) and this is a shot, and bit of info on the scene for the second season. Pretty psyched for it to come back in November :)


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How CUTE is this little ASOS pouch?! So summery, love it :)

Well those are my most fave posts of Instagram this week.
See ya next time