24 June 2015

We Were Liars | Book Chats

We Were Liars.

This book. This book.
This is one of the most beautifully haunting, heart wrenching, and unexpected books I have ever read.

Upon reading reviews on the book, trying to decide whether or not I would/should read it, I decided I would. I ordered it, and when it arrived, I waited a few weeks to read it.

I got around to reading it on Monday, and wanted so badly to know what the big secret was that I finished reading it on Tuesday.

Let me just say that I actually had to get up  from where I was sitting to go somewhere private, by myself, to read the complete part 3. 

The writing is so clever, there are clues of the Truth throughout the book, clues that, if you are clever enough, you will see but will not fully understand because "How do they tie in to the story at all? Then these must not be clues at all!" Oh, but they are.
The layout of the book is also quite different, there are chapters....but there are not. Or should I say that the chapters are either somewhat long or extremely short...
The characters steal your heart, and you see life through their eyes and you want nothing but for them to lead their own life, and not the life their family demands of them.
And when they must separate, you crave their togetherness, but when they are finally reunited you dwell in their happiness to have one another, you dwell in the warmth of their familiar friendship.
Only to be hit with the Truth.

As always, I will not tell you anything about the book. 
But I will tell you this, the back of the book, gives you just the right amount of information you need to jump in the world of the Sinclairs, and the few who are still considered outsiders, even after so many years...

"A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends - the Liars - whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth."

 ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

"Me, Johnny, Mirren, and Gat. Gat, Mirren, Johnny, and me.
The family calls us four the Liars, and probably we deserve it. We are all nearly the same age, and we all have birthdays in the fall. Most years on the island, we've been trouble."
(Cadence Sinclair)

Have you read "We Were Liars"? What did you think?

21 June 2015

♡ Insta Posts of the Week ♡ 6.21.15

Happy Father's Day to all the papas out there :)

Here are my favorite Instagram posts of the past week :)

Ashley Tisdale 

 Zack, Maddie, and Cody (in that order).
How long has it been since we've seen Dylan, Ashley, and Cole all together?!
(I think I might have seen Dylan eating a sandwich in New York once, I side-eyed him really hard to figure out if it was him or not, but at the end of the day I never stopped to confirm it. I'm almost completely sure it was him, though. Pretty cool)

Lauren Jauregui
(first time I double post for one person, but how can you not with Lauren...?)

A photo posted by laurenjauregui (@laurenjauregui) on

What a pretty lady. And you know what makes her even more lovely?!

I'm feeling quite sad today reflecting on the state of our world. There is such a deep and alarming need to awaken people's empathy. People's ability to recognize the humanity in every single human being around them and the fact that the only race is the human race. We may be different shades, we may be different genders, we may have different views and beliefs but we are the SAME. When you look up into the sky and see something flying, you don't think about calling it a bird, it just is one. Whether it's blue or green or multicolored, it is a bird that needs to fly. We are all humans with the need to survive and love. We need to STOP this division, creating labels and groups that target our differences. We need to stop dwelling on them and start building on our commonality. Recognize that it is just WRONG to stereotype, persecute, oppress, murder, (the atrocities are endless) HUMAN BEINGS. I have seen this trend about saving dogs from being murdered in China. There's a petition with millions of signatures recognizing this as an atrocity and acting on it and raising awareness for this to stop. When are we going to start taking that same initiative with one another? When are we going to recognize that what happened in Charleston was a BLATANT act of violence fueled by an institutionalized entitlement and privilege. That man was not crazy, he thought and was taught that it is ok to think of an African American as less than himself. He is a product of RACISM. When is a Law Enforcement official, considered an esteemed member of society because of how honorable his job is, going to be indicted for doing the most dishonorable thing you can do to another human being (murder)? Where are the petitions and the voices surpassing the oppressed? WHERE IS EVERYONE'S SOUL AND HUMAN EMPATHY. Why do we blind ourselves. Why are we scared to change it. We can change it. We have lost the ability to recognize that a living being is precious. That life is precious and short. And just because someone doesn't look or think like you, or express themselves in this world the way you think is proper does NOT give you the right to dehumanize and oppress them. We need to do better.
A photo posted by laurenjauregui (@laurenjauregui) on

THIS. I hope you read the whole thing, and understand what she is saying. Because I could not agree more with it. When will our world learn? When will we learn to love, accept, and live in a just way?

Tom Austen

In case you do not know, Tom Austen is from a television show "The Royals" on E!
Let me tell you, if you have not watched this show, you should. They are currently filming Season 2 (YESSS) and this is a shot, and bit of info on the scene for the second season. Pretty psyched for it to come back in November :)


A photo posted by ASOS (@asos) on

How CUTE is this little ASOS pouch?! So summery, love it :)

Well those are my most fave posts of Instagram this week.
See ya next time

19 June 2015

My June Glam Bag | ipsy

For a long time I have wanted to sign up for one of these beauty subscriptions, whether it be ipsy or Birchbox.
I finally made a decision and went with the totally adorable tipsy bags!

After signing up and getting myself off of the waitlist,  I received an email telling me that my Glam Bag was on it's way, and let me tell you, I was pretty darn excited!
I received a surprise pink foil(y) envelope on Tuesday, and you better believe I knew what was in that pretty little thing :)

The first product in my Glam Bag was the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil.
One end of it is a pencil to fill in your brows and the other end is a mascara like brush, I tried the brush on my brows and they really found shape afterwards, the brush definitely helps maintain order to the brows. I do still need to give the the product a try, step one (pencil) and step two (brush).

The next product was the BeFine Cucumber Facial Mask, I think this is the mask that I could smell from the moment I opened up the pink packaging. I love, love, love facial masks. They are such a treat and really allow my face to be gifted with the grace of nice smelling, out of the ordinary yummy treatment (that does make sense, right?). Count me in, can't wait to try this one out! (I'm considering trying it tonight while I watch Gossip Girl on Netflix)

The third product was the tre'StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon. This looks like it might become one of my new favorite things, I do not have much of a makeup collection, I have a few basics here and there, but good brushes are not one of those. So I gave this little "crayon" a try on my hand and I really liked the look of it, shimmery and almost similar to my skin tone, I think it is something nice to put on quickly as I head out the door in the morning! Simple, but cute? Sounds good to me :)

The fourth product, okay, this is another item on my "Wanted" list that has been sitting there for a really long time but I never really got around to purchasing it for one reason or another. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, I have heard a number of good things about this primer, and I have wanted to give it a try for a long time, and I finally did (thank you ipsy!!) 
I do think that this primer allows the makeup I put on my face to come on and off much better than anything else I have tried before, I'll be completely honest and tell you that I have not made much of an observation to my face with the primer on, but I can tell that it is actually a good product!!

The fifth and final product is the Formula X nail polish in .... well .... it doesn't say what color it is, but as you can see in the pictures, it's a cute, bright pink that I definitely think says "summer". I am planning on trying it on, I might do my nails this weekend and let you know how long it lasts on my nails!

Did you receive an ipsy Glam Bag this week? If so, what was in your bag?! 
Let me know in the comment section below :)

PS - I want to apologize on the quality of my photos in this post, my camera is not being cute at the moment, need to figure out what is going on there. I promise to have cute, high quality pictures next time!! 

07 June 2015

♡ Insta Posts of the Week ♡ 6.7.15

Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos of this past week!

Fifth Harmony

A photo posted by Fifth Harmony (@fifthharmony) on

Hello, half of One Direction and Fifth Harmony together?! Sign me up for this kind of get together!


A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

Remember the cute little pal Louis made in the "Steal My Girl" music video? Well how presh is this?!


A photo posted by AERO (@aeropostale) on

UM. Colorful ice/fruit pops + NYC + summer ..... can I get a "YES PLEASE" ?!

There we have it, these are my favorite Instagram photos this week, I usually scroll through all my likes of the week and struggle to pick a minimum amount of photos.
I hope you like this weeks picks!

See you next time

04 June 2015

Paper Towns | Book Chats

I have wanted to read "Paper Towns" for a while now, but I never really got around to it because of school, when the trailer for the movie came out I realized that I would either read it before the movie, or after (and I preferred before, clearly).

I must say that it was a great book, it actually made you think critically, but of course I was never all that good at solving anything (I will give myself some credit, because I did come up to a few conclusions) but even after I came up with a solution to a clue, or the characters did it turned out to be something different to what we thought it would be/was.

Let me tell you that "Paper Towns" definitely makes you want to pull your hair out (at least it made me want to pull my hair out) it can become slightly frustrating because there are so many possibilities for that outcome of this adventurous search, but in the end, I don't think anyone really sees what is coming in reality (because hello, it is John Green and he loves to tear our hearts apart).

The ending will have different effects on people according to what they do and do not like in story, and how creative they are to make up what comes after the ending on print.
I will not tell you the exact ending, but I will tell you that it is not necessarily a "happily ever after".... unless you want to make it one :)

This book was different to any of the other books I have ever read, the romance and the suspense was different to the type I have encountered in other books, which is always welcome, I love reading something different than what I am used to, it broadens my horizons.

So tell me, have you read "Paper Towns", and if you have, what did you think of it?
Did you like the ending? The story in its entirety? Would you have preferred a certain ending?
Are you looking forward to the movie?

Let's Chat!