24 May 2015

✩ Team Rallison ✩

It is officially my summer vacation, which means I am officially free.

How funny is it, that the moment I no longer have heavy duty responsibilities, all my favorite shows end?!

Take American Idol, watched that show and was all about this season because Nick Fradiani, THE winner, is from my home state! (HOW COOL)

Then we have The Royals, on E!
That show escalated so quickly that I hardly had a moment to even realize that things were getting out of hand?! And now it is over and I'm just left hanging, waiting for season 2 (which, yes, we are getting!)

And then we have Dancing With The Stars.
If you could not tell by the title of this post, I was in fact, Team Riker and Allison.

I do not think I even have actual words to describe how lovely, unique, hardworking, clever, and original these two were/are.
Each week their dances wowed me, I thought, always, THIS is their best dance, and then they'd come back the next week and absolutely KILL IT.

Their Contemporary was one unlike any other, their Salsa made me want to get up and dance with them, and that Tango with Julianne leaves me amazed, then we have that Paso Doble (Captain Jack Sparrow sure can bust a move).
I honestly do not think I can say I have a favorite dance when it comes to Riker and Allison, and I do, in all honesty, hope that this is not the end of their dancing partnership. 
That is one ship that I would NOT miss out on, hello?! 
Riker and Allison, you better have something magical in the works because I would not miss out on my opportunity to see it before my very eyes!


(AHHH too many great pictures/dances to be able to put them all here!!!)

Look them up, Riker and Allison. Watch their dancing, and their rehearsals, you really will not regret it :)

Photos are NOT mine.