♡ Insta Posts of the Week ♡ 5.30.15

So I'm currently sitting at a desk, typing up blog posts, when I came up with a new idea.
 It's quite simple, and slightly similar to other ideas from magazines and the like.

I think, since so many people seem to love Instagram (myself included), I decided to make a post weekly (or on occasion) about my favorite Instagram pictures of the week.
As I'm typing this I am coming up with ideas for it:

1. The picture will be from my likes of the week
2. There might be more than one photo

I like this idea, I think it's fun, and I might even introduce you to someone you don't follow yet?!

So let's get this started, Insta Posts of the Week:


A video posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

Liam and Sophia are such cuties, and this app seems to be ridiculously popular at the moment?!

Glitters For Dinner
A photo posted by Glitters For Dinner (@gfdstore) on

I have been in such a desperate desire for one of these kinds of school skirts for a long time (maybe it's because my uniform wearing days are over??)

A photo posted by Ally Brooke (@allybrookeofficial) on

♡ ♡ Ally is just all around presh, is she not ♡ ♡


I absolutely love this pineapple ring?!! Can I please get my hands on this?

So these are my posts of the week, next time I won't have the big long intro like I did here. This time it is there to introduce you to my new little "segment" (haha) if you will.

Maybe eventually I'll have you, my pals, send in your own photos for the chance to have them posted in my posts of the week?!!

What were your photo faves this week?