Book Chats ❤ Lang Leav

I think poetry is one of the biggest windows to the heart.
Poets will spill all their thoughts and emotions onto the pages in front of them and that is something I really admire, last year I remember finding a poet by the name of Lang Leav, she was posting her poems for everyone to read, and I was lucky enough to find them.
Eventually she announced that she would be releasing a book filled with her poems and you could say that I was pretty ecstatic...

I purchased "Love & Misadventure" and gobbled it up so quick, I later went back and re-read each and every poem, really reading the words and the meaning behind them, the emotion that was being conveyed.
Lang Leav later released another poem book "Lullabies" and I got that one for Christmas in 2015. 
I am still reading that one, I take pauses between a certain amount of poems to make sure I give each the attention it requires, and really reflecting on the words, and the clever meaning behind them.

Whenever I am down, or happy, or simply want a quick read, I open up these poem books and read the words that have a magical effect on the reader.
Words that leave me melancholic for something I once lived, or have not yet lived, they leave me feeling as though the words on the page were my own emotions, my own experiences (both good and bad).

You should give Lang's poems a read, because they are definitely something special.

Lang's Tumblr 
Love & Misadventure