☼ Wardrobe Wishlist - April ☼

I think we all have a certain item of clothing that has caught our eye and is not leaving our mind.
Whether we're looking for something particular, or we do not have the cash to make a pricey purchase at that particular moment, something keeps us from our desired item (sighs).

Here are a few of the things I've got my eye on...

American Apparel

This pretty little one comes in two colors, the one above is the Medium Stone-Washed Indigo, the second color is Stone Washed Black.
It is $62.00, which is quite a bit on the pricer side for me, but we'll see what happens..

Now, I'm not very big on heels, not too sure why, guess it's just easier for me to get around with flat shoes (or shoes with little heel)
However, I saw these and thought they were pretty cute..

Look at the price on these little ones...you never know when you'll be able to make a shoe splurge, these might be the ones you choose...
Let's see what I think of these in the future ...


I have had the same home shorts for the summer time for so many years that I cannot even remember when and where I got them.....awk
So I stumbled across these cute ones and thought they were perfect for home or for certain lazy occasions at work (don't worry, I work in a place where it would not be freaky to show up in this and a nice shirt)

All the colors available are also really cute (black with cream, navy with cream, red with cream, and mustard with cream). They are also only $8.90, pretty cool is you ask me!

LOOK at how CUTE these are! Can you just imagine, the spring or a chilly summer day, some shorts, capris, a skirt, dress (even jeans!) and how adorable these would look and they would tie your outfit together..

Cute, casual, and affordable at only $12.90, how could you pass these up?!

I've also been looking at Keds lately, they are seriously cute and tie any outfit together, so I'm very excited for that!!

I think this post is long enough so I won't keep you any longer, but I have also been looking for some nice shorts that don't ride up or show my bottom (personal comfort you know?) so if you know of any really cool shorts that don't ride up, let me know :)

What's on your April Wardrobe Wishlist? 

(NONE of the pictures on this post belong to me, I am not associated with the models in any way. These pictures belong to American Apparel and Forever21, respectfully.)