Second Semester: April

Woohoo! It's nearly the end of the semester and I can almost taste the freedom and ice cold iced teas.

This is the LAST month I will be writing up the stresses of school work, of course in May I'll have the worries of finals, but some of my finals are at the end of this month (what?! I just realized how close to being finished I actually am!)

Last month, March, was pretty stressful, see I thought (in February) that once March rolled around everything would be easy peasy lemon squeezy, but boy was I wrong. I had Spring Break, which was a much needed break, I then had that jumpin and bumpin Fifth Harmony concert at the end of my break which was like the red velvety bow to bid Spring Break farewell.

March was piled with assignments and hard work, it only lasted a second though...which is crazy to actually think about.

This month I'll be doing my FINAL 2 presentations (can you hear my excessive clapping and happiness?) If you've read any of my old posts, from "The Freshman Diaries" to my most recent "Second Semester" posts, you'll know that I have done more presentations in this one year of college than I have ever done in my entire school career? Yup. I am about 100% over capacity of my presentation capability for now.

As for shows I've been watching, Dancing With the Stars (hullo?!) my favorites are definately Allison and Riker (cuties!), and I think Mark and Willow are really sweet (that Hunger Games themed dance THOUGH). Val and Rumer are really awesome too, and well what can I say about Sharna and Noah?! Nothing is impossible.
AMERICAN IDOL. Let me tell ya, I don't want to play favorites here (especially since there is some seriously insane talent on the show this season) but you should definitely vote for Nick Fradiani. This dude is not only talented, but he is also from Connecticut and I hear people from Connecticut are pretty cool (wink wink).
The Royals is definitely one show that I have been keeping up on that isn't a competition show. It is on E! and new episodes are every Sunday night at 10pm, and I cannot watch it then (school) so I tend to watch it the next Friday or Saturday, it's cool...check it out.

This month is going to FLY. I can feel it.
I actually LOVE college, I just HATE the stress that has overcome me this semester.

I will definitely miss walking the halls and the college rush, but for now, I've got to buckle down and kick this semester in the butt!

Wish me luck!

P.S. I hope you like my new little picture logo thing for whenever I make posts like this :)