✿ The Benefits of Journaling ✿

Writing. It isn't something that many people enjoy, and I really cannot blame you if you aren't a fan of it yourself.

However, it does have its benefits...
Here are five reasons why you should consider keeping a journal:

1) No need to feel the feels
Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you. Whether that be in a positive way or a negative way, your feelings can be very strong and make you feel either so amazing you could burst, or so down you would rather sleep the day away.
Writing down your feelings and emotions in a journal will help you get everything off your chest, and
you can always count on your journal to keep your secrets without letting a single soul know.

2) De-stress
Sometimes stress can move us to a point of being desperate to leave, to go somewhere else where we are required to do nothing but breathe with ease and relax. 
A journal, although not the ultimate stress reliever, can help alleviate the stress. Writing down what is making you stressed and why it is making you feel that way can be what you need to figure it all out and decide what you'll do about it.
(I've also heard it's another form of meditation..seems about right from personal experience)

3) Practice Makes Perfect!
You might not like writing because you are insecure of your ability to write, whether you are lacking in your fluency, creativity, or grammar abilities keeping a journal can help you perfect your writing. 
In a journal you do not have to worry of perfect grammar or spelling because only you will be reading and viewing it. This is a great place to make all kinds of mistakes and learn from them, plus, writing often will make you more comfortable with doing it.
Write, write, write, and eventually it will be less of a task and will become something more natural to you.  

4) Motivation
Relating to # 1 and 2 slightly, you can read back on your bad days and see that you felt like complete and utter BLEH on a certain day and realize that you were able to survive the suckish feelings.
It is ultimately up to you how to let a situation or person make you feel. You can either feel completely sorry for yourself (and sometimes that is necessary...blast some seriously depressing music and throw yourself into something that allows you to express your emotions...like journaling) OR you can realize that you are an awesome human being who can take on anyone and anything that comes your way because you've conquered other complicated situations and emotions in your life.

5) Midnight Memories (heh)
Welllll, not exactly midnight memories (I mean unless you know you have midnight memories to write about). A journal is a perfect way to keep your memories, even the smallest most irrelevant details about your day will be pretty cool to read about in five years time.
Like you might think, why would I even use up five seconds to write that down? But you'll think it's pretty cool in five years when you're reading the entry and you realize that your 19 year old self had tacos on March 20th, 2015...

Journals are really cool, and they can reflect your personality or your thoughts if you are completely open to expressing yourself on those pages full of possibilities.
 You can get one with a clever or witty quote on the front, or an inspirational quote. Or one with a picture of Paris or a collage of cool things that catch your attention, anything that will make you happy to reach for the little notebook, open it up, and write away.