♡ The Reflection Tour - Fifth Harmony ♡

Hello cuties :)

I come to you from a very tired and sick Monday morning, my first day back to school after a week of Spring Break (that was very much needed, I was on the verge of a breakdown).
I spent my last night of break...well it was technically a school night...with the marvelous, incredible, and AMAZING Fifth Harmony!

I ended up getting sick on Friday, and Saturday I was an absolute mess, I spent most of the day dozing in and out of naps on my bed, waking up for the occasional chicken soup, water, medicine, and tea. I really wanted to be well (or as well as I could be) for the concert the next day because I had been waiting for it since JANUARY when I purchased the tickets.
So it was kind of a big deal that I be healthy enough (or not in pain) to attend and have a good time.

Anyway...I slept well that night and when I woke up on Sunday I had myself some tea and medicine, rested a bit longer and got myself ready.
I can honestly say that although I wasn't completely bursting with energy, I was pretty excited..so add some medicine to that, and I was ready to get some party on with Fifth Harmony..

Now, I'm going to be completely and embarassingly honest when I say that I thought the concert started at 7pm...it actually started at 6 pm......awkward.
The good thing is that we didn't get there at 7, we got there way earlier and got to watch Mahogany Lox do her thang (she is so cool by the way...really get's the crowd going).

Fifth Harmony came on at like 7:50pm....I thought they would have come out at 8pm but 7:50 is totally cool with me too. The lights went off...the crowd jumped right to their feet and the screams began...
the rest is hair flipping, booty popping, "I must confess, you're looking fresh SO FRESH", "Passed out real and I woke up REALAAA", "I like it a little ROUGH" history.

It was honestly such an amazing show, I could feel the beat through my body (a literal BODY ROCK *winkwink* see what I did there........) but seriously, I really enjoyed myself and I wish I could go back, or go again or go every night because they are amazing and they are so fierce and I really give them SO MUCH credit for going out every show and giving it their all regardless of how tired they might be.

It does not go unappreciated, Fifth Harmony.
They give a killer experience.

I can't wait for the next one ;)