Second Semester: February pt. 1

Remember last semester when I had the "College Freshman Diaries"?
I basically updated you guys with cool (or not so cool) things that were happening in my first semester of college, I did that every week..

Well this semester, I decided to do two a month, one at the beginning of the month and one at the end.
So I am currently sitting in the Student Center at my college, you know that place where students can come and have something quick to eat, hang out with friends, host club events..however, I am sitting in the "Fireplace Quiet Study" trying to get some work done but find it kind of hard to do so when I am so tired and slightly (slightly) miserable.
That whole "miserable" part isn't something serious, I mean, I'm just really tired of school and the winter, also I have like 7 presentations left to this semester...bleh.

Also, all the snow days have really slowed me down. I mean, they've slowed everyone down..
There are mountains of snow everywhere. There is actually snow falling outside as I type

I finish school in May, and then I'm off for the summer, which is what is seriously keeping me a little bit sane.
Obviously things will get better, March is going to be a good month...I have a feeling.

I'm enrolled in this class that is a requirement for my major, and it's meant to strengthen my skills in groups and working in groups. That's been kind of tough because my group was originally four, then three, then four again but it's basically three because one of the groups members has idea what's going on because he won't stay in contact with us?
I don't know...all I know is that I can't wait for that class to be over.

So. February is only 28 days, and we've got 4 (working on #5 now) down...we can make it!!

See you later!