Meghan Trainor - "Title" Album

Remember a few months back when I made a post talking about my recent discovery of Meghan Trainor's EP and my clear excitement for her to release an album?! No? Well check it out here.

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If you haven't heard, she's released her album!!!
It's titled "Title" just like her EP, and minus the 4 songs we already knew from her EP (Close Your Eyes, Title, Dear Future Husband, All About That Bass) we get her popular single "Lips Are Movin'" and 9 other songs (Deluxe).

Listening to the album I noticed the theme to her songs, and I really like it. Even if I can't really relate to a song, I still love it because it is so classic and smooth, and catchy like. And her voice makes it so easy to listen to her singing and her lyrics, which are funny and genuine, down to earth, and they deal with common difficulties that many of us face on a day to day basis.

I really like "The Best Part (Interlude)" it's a nice intro to the rest of her album. Short, sweet, and simple.

The beat in "Bang Dem Sticks" is incredible! I love that one. "What if I" reminds me of "Close Your Eyes" not because of the message, but the rhythm.

"No Good For You" seems familiar. With my own experiences with friends and...yep. Typical experiences.

"My Selfish Heart" is such a catchy little one as well, and the message is a little melancholic. Just me?

A few songs have their occasional cheeky little lyrics, you should be able to clearly pick them up. They make me laugh, I don't expect them and then they're there and I can do nothing but smile.

Have you given "Title" a listen? What do you think?!