07 January 2015

How To - Strawberry Lemonade

For New Year's Eve my sisters and I decided to indulge in strawberry lemonade all the way into 2015.
So instead of going out and purchasing some, we decided to have a little bit of fun and make the lemonade ourselves!
Now, I'll let you know how we did it so you can give it a go if you fancy.

What You'll Need
Lemon (we used 4)
Frozen Strawberries (amount is up to you!)
Sugar (if you have unsweetened strawberries)

It's Time to Make Some Lemonade

First, you'll want to cut the lemons in half and then in half again (basically.....cut them in fourths!) and remove all the seeds.

You'll then want to put all the lemon slices into the blender (yes, with the peel) 
You can then add 1 cup of sugar.

Now you can add the strawberries!
 (We chose to add unsweetened frozen strawberries, which is why we used the 1 cup of sugar, you can go ahead and choose sweetened strawberries and lessen the amount of sugar you add)


Now...water! Remember that the amount of water you put in will make the amount of lemonade you'll be serving.


Then you'll blend, be carful though, since the lemons have a tough peel, and the strawberries are frozen the blender won't be able to grind everything up extremely easily. So take it slow and then you can quicken the blending speed!

After you blend it, you will need to strain it to get rid of most if not all the pulp.
Make sure you don't skip that step if you seriously cannot deal with pulp, because there is pulp (a lot of it!)

You can then add more water if you are looking for a large serving. 

We then decided we would add some more frozen strawberries to the finished product just to add more of the strawberry flavor (and for a fancy finished look!)

Let me know if you try it out, make sure, however, that you make it as sweet or unsweet as you want it. And that your amounts are leveled and are to serve your set amount of people!

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