27 January 2015

Fifth Harmony - "Reflection" - Debut Album

Finally, the day has come.

If you have been a fan of Fifth Harmony's for a couple of years now, you'll know that we've been waiting for this album for a very long time. 

The girls would get asked about the release of their album, "this spring!" then spring would roll around and they'd get asked again, "this fall!" then fall would roll around, and nothing.
They finally set a release date for November 17th, 2014...but they then postponed it for December 17th, 2014...then it was postponed for January 25th, 2015....then it was pushed back to February 3rd 2015. However, we are FINALLY being able to listen to the music even if we don't actually own it.
As of this morning, the album became available for streaming on iTunes Radio!
And you're right if you guessed that I listened to it after breakfast, and then I listened to it again...and again...and again.

I don't know what you've been doing all day if you haven't listened to the album yet (you might have actually been doing a lot of things, so don't worry about it..you can listen to it tonight when you're ready to set your mind free of the day and just jam....hard).

Let's get staaaarrrrttteeeeddddd!!!!!

1 - Top Down
I love the little "rap" parts in this. It's so cool and loose with the occasional speak singing which gives it a funkier feel.

2 - BO$$
(haven't heard this one? umm, where have you been if you haven't?!)

3 - Sledgehammer 
(well hello...you know that Meghan Trainor penned this hit for the ladies..right?)

4 - Worth It
First song off the Fifth Harmony girls that I've thought "WOAH WOAH" (in shock..but a good shocked)
Good beat, and with lyrics like..
"Guaranteed, I can back it up" and "I don't like it, like it too soft. I like it a little rough, not too much, but maybe just enough"

5 - This Is How We Roll
Starts off real nice and soft, and you think wow this is going to be a great little driving song. Then....BAM....almost as shocking as the moment the beat got crazy on "Me & My Girls" except 100x better.
A great song to go crazy and feel like a powerful lady with the entire room under the spell of you and your friends...
"We makin it clap..clap, clap, clap, clap. We don't need hands for that..that, that, that, that"

6 - Everlasting Love
I was definitely feeling an Ariana Grande vibe from this song...just me? Not in a copycat way at all, just the same vibe.
This one is definitely more calm than the first six, it is also one of the only ones like that.
Of course, calm isn't bad. 

7 - Like Mariah
The song starts with a tribute to Mariah Carey...listen and you'll understand.
Automatically catchy.
I think this one might be one of my favorite off the album...then again every time I listen to another one it's my favorite...so can I really pick a favorite?!
"There is no denying, you're kisses keep me flying. When you touch my body, got me singing like Mariah"
hmmmmm :)

8 - Them Girls Be Like

9 - Reflection
So this was one of the first new songs we got to hear after they toured with Demi on the Neon Lights tour, they were singing it on their other tours and hair flipping and all that sassy jazz. The studio version, however, was one I couldn't wait to hear...
"I must confess, you're looking fresh.........."

10 - Suga Mama
The beat makes it another one of my more favorite ones on the album.
How can you resist that rhythm?!
"I can't be you're suga mama. And even though I love the thought of you, no I can't be you're suga mama"

11 - We Know
What a great song to listen to if you're in the middle of a pity party, hold that head up high!
"Even though you're so damn fine, I know I'm better off without ya. Even if you cross my mind, I would always have to doubt ya"
(I also really like the effect of this song when you're wearing headphones....you know what I'm talking about)

12 - Going Nowhere
I was seriously waiting to hear the studio version of this one because I just couldn't get a few of the words in the lyrics. Some of Lauren's verses I was like...WHAT IS SHE SAYING?!
Safe to say I love this one.
"Sit yourself down cause you know you gon' stay, boy you better listen to the words I say"

13 - Body Rock 
From the moment it starts I am just popping from side to side, and dancing up and down.
This song is just great, the lyrics and the beat. It's all so good. 
ugh. great song.

14 - Brave Honest Beautiful
OK. So this have a nice little beat to it, and its empowering. Meghan Trainor makes  cheeky little appearance on this track, and it's lovely. It's just a feel good song, you know...feeling low? Blast this tune and dance all around your room while singing along.
"Aye yo, Meghan, bring it back! 
Shake it, shake it, shake it mama"
I also love all the name dropping, from Rihanna to Shakira.

Here it is if you want to stream it (and pre-order, of course?!)

(None of the pictures are mine, click photo for credit)