Book Chats ❤ Girl Online - Zoë Sugg

Happy New Year!
I hope you welcomed 2015 with lovely company, make the best of this year. Always.

So I am a massive bookworm, to put it in the simplest form. I absolutely love reading. Books are just something that make me utterly happy. They always have.
I'd like to start a sort of "book review" thing on Just Blog Along, minus the fact that it won't always be review-y but more like me telling you my thoughts and feelings on a book I've read. And of course, hoping that you, reading this post right now, will decide to join me in the comments! We could all just chat about what we did and did not like about the book I write about!                                   

Today I come to you with, "Girl Online" by Zoë Sugg.

When I first learned that Zoë would be releasing a book, I thought "Fan-flipping-tastic! Cannot wait to read that one."
And although it came out November 2014, I received it for Christmas, which is still pretty recent to purchase a book (only a month after it's release?!) and I have just finished reading it. Not because I was slow, I just had another book I was reading and then decided to take a break so I could fully appreciate that one, and then be able to put all my attention on "Girl Online".

I loved it.
It is just so relatable, and funny, the modern references are some of my favorites.
Although Penny (main character) does do some cringe worthy things, you cannot help but love her and then go ahead and adore her best friend, Elliot.
And then how can you not just fall in love with Noah?

I won't spoil anything about the story, I hope that you'll decide to read the book and then you'll see what I'm talking about! :)

I totally relate to Penny when it comes to her blog and wanting to keep it anonymous (up until recently), and then going ahead and expressing her desire to put out something that makes others happy. Love that, because that is definitely how I desire to run Just Blog Along. All happiness and only happiness.

The book is well written, and I love the British terms and lingo. 
I also have the book right next to me as I write this, and I realized that although you might understand the cover at first, once you read the entire book do you really understand the cover.
Like the milkshake picture? Yup, thought that was cute at first, until I finished reading the book..then I smiled at the memory of the significance of the milkshake in this story and loved that picture, and the cover, even more.

ALSO, let me just say that I was definitely not imaging the plot twist.
The description says "But Noah has a secret too, one that threatens to ruin Penny's cover - and her closest friendship - forever"
and I just kept thinking, what secret could be so big that it could cause that much damage?!
Well, the secret was definitely big enough, and I was definitely not expecting the book to take the turn it did (in a good way!).

I absolutely loved "Girl Online" and I'm seriously excited to read Zoë's next book and discover where she takes her characters! Oh how excited! The endless possibilities are so exciting!

SO, why don't you head out and get yourself a copy of "Girl Online" then we can all talk about how much we loved it!

❤ P.S. Let me know of any books you read that you think I should check out! I purchased another today, cannot wait to read it. Don't worry, I'll let you know what I think of it :)