The College Freshman Diaries - The Semester is Almost Over!

I have been finding it extremely difficult to make posts recently, and that is because I am being bombarded with assignments and illness. 

Quite a few things have happened since I last wrote one of these diary entries.
I went back to my high school for their musical performance of "Singing' in the Rain" and it was amazing.


Let me say, that those are some talented groups that put on those shows, and I couldn't be more proud to be part of the legacy.

About two weeks ago I started feeling quite ill, my eyes, nose, and throat were bothering me like if I was going to come down with a cold. Sure enough, the next day I was sniffling and sneezing. I started feeling better by the end of the week, still under the weather, but better. Until Sunday...I was watching the American Music Awards with my family, when my body began to ache, I wrapped myself in a blanket and just could not move. Any thing I did made my body hurt and shake...I was seriously upset. The next day, Monday, I did not go to school. Last week was Thanksgiving week so I only had two days of school. I slept all day Monday, I had a 24 hour stomach bug :(
 Tuesday I was better, well enough to go to my one class of the day.
I started feeling a lot better, I was happy to be regaining my health.
I started waking up with pain in my eyes, temples, and sinus area. And sure enough, yesterday I started with congestion in my nose and sinus, so bad I couldn't even breath in and out in the slightest, my ears would clog up when I swallowed, I felt like I wasn't going to get in the oxygen I needed.
I have been taking medicine and using decongestion spray, today I still feel the same but right after breakfast I drank my medicine and sprayed my nose.
I'm really hoping I'll be better by tomorrow, it will be about 2 weeks now that I have been battling illness, and I just really want to be healthy again.

My first semester at college is closely approaching its end.
That makes me both sad, because I have gotten used to everyone in my classes, my professors, classrooms, and classes. But it also makes be very excited!!! I will finally be done with school responsibilities until January. How nice.
Classes seem to be planning to wrap up in the next two weeks, and although I know it might go painfully slow, I think it will fly by.

I have been working after school, so that has also made it harder for me to do much else but school, eat, work, eat, shower, homework, sleep.
This Thanksgiving week was spent doing homework and being lovely.
I had a 7 page research paper rough draft to finish for today, math problems to do, some other essays to start, a presentation to prepare. Oh my.

But I would like to say that I did enjoy my Thanksgiving day, I was able to have a nice meal, put up my Christmas tree, and watch Maleficent and Polar Express with my family.

Now I'm thinking how sad I am that I don't have Dancing with the Stars to look forward to tonight...

Not my photo.

I hope all is well! And a Happy December 1st!

love, J