My Favorite Music in 2014

Music is the answer to many things.
It helps lift your spirits, along with dragging them in the dirt (because boy do we love to drown ourselves in self-pity with a good sob song), but don't forget the inspiration it brings us! Boy, does music inspire.

Here are my favorite albums of 2014, and the albums that I jammed to for a while but not as often as my favorite ones.

My Favorite Albums of 2014

1. FOUR - One Direction
hm. Thoughtful and mature, their voices blending so perfectly not only with each other but with the tune and the melody. What could be one possible reason I wouldn't like this album?! Also, I think this might be my favorite One Direction album of all time, many preferred and still prefer "Midnight Memories" and although I do love that one, "Four" just has something about it that I have not been able to get over.

2. X - Ed Sheeran
Ed has magic in his voice, whenever I hear some of his songs for the first time I can't help but tear up a bit. Emotion overload. Ed is also such a likable person, he is sweet and funny and he genuinely cares about his fans (he obviously isn't the only one like that on this list but hey, I'd like to call him out for it!) You go Ed, can't wait to hear more. I also hope I get the chance to see him live soon, it is one pleasure I've not had the opportunity of.

3. 1989 - Taylor Swift
I just can't bring myself to hate Taylor's impeccable lyrics and rhythm. Even when I think I might not like a song on my first listen, I soon realize that I actually love the song. Perfect jams exist on this album! :)

4. In the Lonely Hour - Sam Smith
Although Sam Smith only broke into America in 2014, I knew his name since August 2013 when one of my good friends suddenly had her own British addiction....Sam Smith. Listening to this album, I was not disappointed, and became even more ecstatic when he started creeping into America. Before I knew it, his face and voice were on the radio and t.v, performing at award shows! Super stoked for Sam Smith in 2015!

5. 5 Seconds of Summer - 5 Seconds of Summer
ha. Loving the whole "self titled" thing going on. What can I say? Their catchy beats are pretty hard to resist. Likable guys and they do put on killer performances.

6. It's About Us - Alex & Sierra
YAY. My favorites (and winners) of Factor USA 2013 released their first album and I feel like a proud momma (even though they are both a few years older than me). The music is what I was expecting and what I wasn't, at the same time. Give them a listen, I'm sure you'll love them.

The Honor Role

(Albums and 1 EP that I jammed to just not hard enough)

1. Gypsy Heart - Colbie Caillat
I found quite some comfort in this album. There were songs that I was able to relate to and it was nice, especially when I was feeling down or nervous for a presentation or something. The music on the album is not only soothing and relatable, it has nice little melodies that aren't overdone.

2. Meet the Vamps - The Vamps
Cute tunes with sweet lyrics, these fellas are quite the band if I must say so. Keep an eye on them, they seem like they are only beginning.

3. My Everything - Ariana Grande
Her beats, and the lyrics are just so...good. Even if you find yourself disagreeing with the meaning of a song, you still find yourself listening and just...enjoying the music.

4. Title - Meghan Trainor
Not an album, an EP. But you better believe I rocked to the four songs...hard. Super stoked to hear more music from Meghan...I have a feeling she won't disappoint.

Of course I had many other albums and songs that I listened to on repeat, but I couldn't list them all here, we'd have an endless list!
What were your favorite albums/songs of 2014? What artists are you excited to hear from in 2015?

love, J