Deck the Halls!

Christmas is in 8 days!
Whoa. When did that happen?

When I tell you that I am not ready, I seriously mean I am not ready.
I have yet to purchase a single gift for anyone, I am hoping to get out to the shopping mall this weekend to make a few sneaky little purchases.

One of my favorite aspects of the Christmas season is the decorations.
I just adore the shiny decor and the lights, colored, blue, white.
Driving down the streets at night time I love to watch the houses, who has gone all out with their decorations? Who placed their Christmas tree right by their window?
There is something utterly special and warm about a neighborhood that shows their holiday spirit, it feels almost unifying. 
Everyone is jolly and so many people are happy, excited, maybe a little stressed and with less cash than they started the month with, but the joy is still evident.

I love decorating my own home, the tree and ornaments that I've had for years. Choosing a star or an angel for the tree topping, the advent calendar, my special Christmas mug.
We also have two light up candy canes that we tape on our big window and turn on along with our tree and it looks sweetly comfortable looking from the outside.

I also seriously enjoy wrapping presents, I feel like that's one of the many aspects of gift giving that many people find rather tedious? I enjoy it though, it is just so satisfying to see the package come together, and place the final piece of tape and have this adorable little gift covered in shiny wrapping paper, and then placing it under the tree just adds another bit of excitement.

What are your favorite things about the holiday season?
I also hope you are more advanced in your holiday preparation than I am...

love, J