Christmas Time in New York City!!

I hope that you are in the holiday spirit because I just cannot seem to bring myself to it.
I have tried endlessly to realize that is is Christmas time, and that yes, my Christmas tree is up and that I am in fact using my Christmas mug for my coffee in the mornings. I just cannot get in the vibe that is is the time to be jolly and Christmassy.

I have been appreciative of the decorations, however, and I do get this moment of realization at times. I'll see a commercial, listen to a song, see a house that is lit up so it looks like a gingerbread house and go "Oh hey! It's Christmas time!" but as fast as I feel that way, it is quickly gone.
It might be the fact that I have had such a hectic schedule, school, work and everything in between.
My semester is over, so I can take a break and really put myself in the mindset that it is Christmas and that I should enjoy this month, one of my favorites.

Yesterday, Saturday the 13th of December, I had the privilege of visiting New York. Not for the first time, but for the first time when it is completely decked out for Christmas.
Let me just say, that it is a beautiful sight.

I really wish I could have taken some more pictures, and nicer ones, but it was nearly impossible.
Just moving from one place to another proved to be a task!
The crowd was insane, and when I tell you that I was actually in shock over the amount of people there yesterday, you better believe me.
There were standstills at moments, causing immobility, there was occasional pushing and you literally had to hold on to the people you were with, ridiculously hard, or else you would lose them in the craziness.
The stores had lines all the way out the doors and on to the streets, the restaurants too!
It was, regardless, very fun, beautiful and magical.

However, something that was upsetting, was the homeless that I came across on the bustling streets.
I cannot tell you the sadness that it caused me to pass by men and women on the street, with a sign and a cup, asking for money, shivering with the cold.
That was a moment in which I was able to humble myself down, and realize that I am endlessly lucky. I was in New York with my family, I was there for the day and I would be taking a train back home. I would shower and get into nice warm clothing, I would have a bed to sleep in that night, a meal.
I think many times we have so much, we feel the normality of it, and do not realize our luck.
Especially during the holiday season, we get so carried away.
We make endless amounts of food, we purchase gift after gift for those we love, we look forward to the get togethers, the special moments that we will remember forever.
We are lucky.
I want you to remember those that are less fortunate, and I really do mean that, I do not say it because others say it. Actually seeing those who are in need, it does something to your mind, to the way you feel and see everything.
Do not take your advantages for granted, even the simplest of things.

I hope you all have a fabulous week before Christmas.
Give lots of love and thanks for what you have, what you will receive, and those who love you and stay by your side, always.

Happy Holidays to all of you!

love, J

(All photos are mine)