29 November 2014

A Thanksgiving Hello.

I do not even want to look back to the date of my last post, I fear it has been too long.
I promised myself to update weekly, especially my "College Freshman Diaries" but that has proven to be a task for me.
These last couple weeks have been a whirlwind. All I really remember is - wake up, get ready, go to school, go to work, go home, eat, shower, homework, sleep. Repeat.
It has become harder for me to make posts since I was able to (finally) land a job, so I am very thankful for that, just sad that I do not have as much free time anymore. But hey, free time becomes a stranger to hardworking people.

It is Thanksgiving as I write this..
I wanted to post because I miss it terribly, and because I think there are a few things I would like to say.
First off, you may or may not know that I have been watching Dancing with the Stars this season, and if I am being completely honest, now that the show is over, I want to say that I watched because of Bethany Mota.
I have been watching her YouTube videos for quite a few years now and when I learned that she would be on the show, psssshhhh, I was not going to miss that. Her partner was the amazing Derek Hough and their team name was Motough. Sigh. Love them, so sad I won't get my weekly dose of Bethany and Derek:(
I am very very very excited to see where their friendship continues outside the craziness of the show, and of course, to have Bethany back on YouTube making those lovely videos that make me super excited when I see them in my subscription box.

Moving on, I am sitting at my dinner table, and as I look up there is a mess of food everywhere, being cooked. There is turkey in the oven, bread rolls, there is a salad and mashed potatoes, gravy, and for dessert we have little home made pastries with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.
The tree was put up and it is lit and I find myself falling in and out of the holiday cheer.
This always happens to me, I can't wait for the holidays in October and then they get here and I just cannot fall into the spirit, then when it is all said and done I'm in the spirit and completely upset that the holidays are over.
We might be watching the Polar Express, however, and that film does not fail to make me feel Christmas.

I know we all joke about eating a lot on Thanksgiving, falling into a "food coma" or having a big tummy after all the food. Eating even when we cannot anymore, but let us remember that it is Thanksgiving for a reason, being thankful for what you have. What others are robbed from their entire life, the hungry do not have food to be thankful for, and we must remember that when we sit down with our families and begin our feast.
Them too are people to be thankful for today, because many are left alone, wishing to have at least a kind stranger to give them a helping hand.
There is so much we are lucky to have, and we must remember to always be thankful, because while we have warmth and full stomachs, other's wish to have at least one of the two.

Have a safe weekend.

love, J

02 November 2014

F21, H&M, and Eloise at Christmas Time!!

Oh, hello there!

I hope you've all had a lovely lovely start to your November month, I know it's definitely gotten colder where I live. We go from extremely hot to cold, there is almost no more "mildly cold" anymore, I thought that's what fall was all about?!!

I made a trip to the mall today, made a few small purchases, but all things that make me very happy!

First three items I purchased today were from Forever21.
1. A basic white long sleeved t-shirt
It is beginning to get chilly, and as we head into the colder, darker mornings and days, I like to be warm. A long sleeve t-shirt is a must for wearing under sweaters, or other long sleeved shirts. LAYERS!!

2. A pink cardigan.
I'm a huge fan of cardigans, I feel like they're very easily made into any kind of outfit. They can be worn with tank tops, long or short sleeves, with pants or skirts, with dresses. Cardigans have endless possibilities, also, considering I have to come up with 5 school outfits everyday, cardigans can be worn every week on different days of the week with a different outfit!

Okay. I saw these and instantly thought, no way I'm leaving here without a pair of these. They had a few different colors and "personalities" on Minnie. Bright pink, with "Fun and Fabulous" Minnie! WOO!

Item 2 comes from H&M.
A light pink sweater, well what can I say? You can never have too many sweaters..

It looks beige/white here.....it's the lighting......I promise it's a very light pink. oh dear.

And the FINAL thing I purchased today.....
I am so excited about this one and you're probably going to think I'm strange but that's okay.
I know it's only November, but I've been excited for the holidays since like....September...and well, Thanksgiving is this month, and that means that my Christmas tree will be up in about three weeks (WOAH?!)
One of my ultimate FAVORITE Christmas movies is Eloise at Christmas Time and last Christmas season, it was hardly on t.v. the only time I actually was lucky enough to find it on television was like a week before Christmas and I found it halfway through.
So this year I decided that I wanted to purchase the movie so I could watch it whenever I feel like it.

Pretty pumped about that purchase.

That's all I purchased today, I hope you've enjoyed!
Also, I recently got a job! (finally)

I really wish you the loveliest week. Make the best of every moment!

love, J