03 October 2014

"Title" - Meghan Trainor

I know we all jam to "All About That Bass", but don't think this fancy lady with the name of Meghan Trainor has only one head bopper.
Currently taking a listen to her EP, and honestly, how can you not like her music? Her song writing skills are so amazing, and the beat is so "oldy" and I love it. LOVE.
Her lyrics are clever and her beats/tunes/rhythms are so suave, and her singing is so effortless.

I've just gotten through listening to the four songs, and thought, oh hm what others are there?! And was SADDENED to discover that there are only four songs on her EP :( wah.

All About That Bass, Dear Future Husband, Close Your Eyes, and Title.
So I hope an album is brewing because, girl, I am ready.

You definitely need to give these songs a listen if you haven't because you're definitely missing out.

love, J