The College Freshman Diaries - Week 6 & 7

I have not written for your lovely faces in quite a while, as I sit in the library at school I realize that I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to write up week 6 & 7 this weekend because......MIDTERMS.
This last weekend/week have been hectic, busy, stressful.
I spent most of my weekend working on a project for one of my classes that I'm going to (hopefully) present tomorrow, presentations started yesterday and I'm hoping I'll get my turn tomorrow!
One fun thing from the weekend, however, was going to the movies and watching One Direction's Where We Are Tour concert movie.
It was really exciting, my experience for that is another post I want to come up I won't dwell much on that, I'll have an entire post!

Midterms are beginning and I'm a trembling!
(Not really)
Okay, I've got a "take home" section for my History midterm, and I also have to take an in class portion. My math midterm is on Wednesday, as for my other classes....there really hasn't been a mention so maybe eventually? Not sure.

I tried out the student center at my school today, rather than the library.
It was actually quite enjoyable.
I sat on some nice little couch and worked on my History midterm.
I was able to buy some water.
See, the student center at my school is the place where a majority of people go to hang out (particularly with friends) but there are some places on the second and third floor where I could go and be by myself or with people that were trying to do work rather than socialize.
I quite liked it, I might consider trying it more often, be a little more adventurous!

Fall is also really hitting us (and by fall I mean the falling leaves) I walk out and have to make sure I don't have an orange or yellow leaf on me or my hair!
It is beautiful though, so I went out after school yesterday and took some pictures!!

That's fall in my backyard :)
I'm really looking forward to the holidays, I know, I know, Halloween isn't even over yet.
Can't help it though, maybe if I had a Haunted Graveyard or Halloween-y (?) trip to go on I'd be more enthusiastic about it....

School is going, and I'm finding myself a teeny tiny bit intimidated by the fact that I'll be having to pick my classes/schedule for the spring semester (next month, I believe). It is because it's my first time doing this in college, but I'm sure I'll be fine....

So wish me luck on my presentation tomorrow! I've been practicing really hard and really beating myself over it, trying to make it run as smoothly and lovely as I can.

Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!! 

love, J