The College Freshman Diaries - Week 5

This week I discovered that I've technically been in school for 6 weeks, but the first week was only 2 days of actually does that even really count?

I was also remembering today, back in high school, I actually had a fear that no college would accept me. yup. That was an actual fear of mine. Bizarre? Maybe, but I was actually terrified about that, and I think I might have had that fear because of the things that my own peers and educators told me about college and their expectations.

My classmates would talk about the SAT scores that colleges accepted and which ones they didn't. (SAT scores, for those who don't know, is a test in the US that high schoolers take at the beginning of their last year if high school, and it is a way for colleges to get a bit of an idea where you stand in your knowledge on math, reading comprehension and writing)
It's a pretty big stress component when it comes to getting accepted into college, I think it might be something like Europe's big exams, what exactly are they called? GCSE? I'm not too sure, but I do know that those are a big deal over there and they do contribute to the continuation of their (your) education.
So SAT's are important here.
Depending on how you score, and depending on the school is the effect they have on your college career. Some more "prestigious" schools do take the scores as an extremely important factor into your acceptance or rejection to the school, other colleges might just use the scores to place you in a certain class.
Say you underscore in reading comprehension/writing then you might be put in remedial english, or if you underscore in math you would be placed in remedial math. Some other colleges might offer an exam so you can go in and prove that you belong in a higher level math.
If you excel in your scores for the two then you might not be required to take english/math until a certain semester, so on and so forth.

It all depends on the school and their system, but that is pretty much how it works in my college.
Moving on, I know it is college applying season for seniors, and I want to tell you this, if you're currently in this position, don't over stress.

I know you might think "How can I NOT over stress? This is one of the most stressful times of my life!" Because I felt like that, but if you take it step by step and you organize yourself, everything will go smoothly. It will all work out the way it's supposed to work out, and you will end up where you're supposed to be, even if you don't think that is the place you belong.

See, I applied to a school and I was set on going there. I was going to attend this school and I was going to go into a career I had in mind at the time. I was interviewed by one of the admissions people, and I thought I had a pretty good chance, I emailed the lady, she replied. I was pretty confident.
Then I received my letter from the school, and I was so nervous and excited and it was my first college letter, what was it going to say?!

Wait listed.

That's what it said, they thanked me for my interest in their school, and for applying. Then they told me that they didn't currently have a space to offer me. I applied early action, which means I applied early so I could get a response earlier than April/May. Which also means I applied before a majority of the other applicants who waited for the regular application due date.

And I was wait listed. 

I was upset, but I quickly got over it because I realized that this was obviously not the path for me. I had always been leaning more toward my current college, but I thought I would get greater oppurtunities at this other college.
I ended up applying to, getting accepted and going to my current college.
And I'm pretty happy there.
It isn't always so much about the name and oppurtunites that you think will be offered to you in a certain place, it's what you make of it.
Opportunities will come to you no matter where you are and it is ultimately up to you whether you take them or not, whether you make the best of them or not.

 These are things I've always believed, and recently, I've been living them.
It's strange the way things you always thought and dreamed about begin to slowly creep on you.

Just some thoughts, also my week was pretty "school" like, nothing too interesting. lol.

love, J

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