04 October 2014

"Reflection" - Fifth Harmony

How long have you been waiting for this?
I've been waiting a very long time for this.

You may or may not know that I've like Fifth Harmony since they were put together, I've rooted for them since day one, and well, looks like my rooting didn't go to waste!! :)

Ally, Lauren, Normani, Dinah, and Camila announced that their debut album, "Reflection" would be coming out November 17th, 2014. I was super pumped with that news since I've been waiting for music from these ladies since 2012.
Recently, however, another group announced the release date of their album, which would also be November 17th (do I need to say who?) and the "Reflection" date had to be changed.

Obviously we want the Fifth Harmony ladies to do well on the music charts and if they were releasing the same day as this other group, it might not be so.
The new release date for "Reflection" is December 2014.

They went into further detail on their website by saying:

"December has played a major part in 5H history.. December 2012 we finished 3rd on The X Factor, which changed our lives forever. December 2013 we did our first holiday radio tour, which included playing at Madison Square Garden. So putting our debut album out in December 2014 just felt right."

Makes sense to me!
So just about 2 more months of wait and soon we'll be able to shake it all around town as we dance along to new Fifth Harmony music!!! (ahhhhhhhhh!!)

I'm pretty excited, and I hope you are too:)

love, J