31 October 2014

One Direction - Where We Are Tour Film

SO, I've finally had a moment to breathe 
(sort of, still have quite a few assignments due soon)

One Direction's Where We Are Tour movie,
it was SO amazing!
I know, and you know that I had the crazy privilege of seeing the guys twice this summer, you can read about that here, but it was also really cool to get to watch the movie, which was a whole other experience.
It felt like I was at the concert again, minus the fact that they cut out some of the songs (but I do believe that they will be in the DVD, so it's okay).

I watched it on a Sunday night, keep in mind that the next day was a school/work day, and let me tell you, that theater was packed. There was a decent number of people, and I thought, "this is all that will  show up, decent number" then more people walked in, then more people, and more, and more. People walked in until I was starting to think that everyone would be sitting  side by side and there would be no more seats for anyone else.

I honestly wasn't expecting it, and not because I don't believe in the power of One Direction but because it was a Sunday night, like...7pm-9pm night, and I don't know maybe people are used to going out late on school nights (??????)

The movie started and people actually screamed, there was actual sing alongs as well.
People actually sang back, and they also clapped during "What Makes You Beautiful" and other moments at the concerts that call for crowd interaction were done in the theater, and I was honestly shocked, I wasn't necessarily expecting fan interaction for a movie!

It was really awesome, however, and I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD, so we can relive the WWA love over and over and over again!

love, J

(photos are not mine, nor am I claiming them as mine)