01 October 2014

One Direction "Rips off" Existing Music..

I've just read through the Billboard article that mentions One Direction "ripping off" New Found Glory, and Journey.
Then we go into the the whole thing of other musicians throwing shade at them for it. I won't mention any names but you could easily find it if you looked on Twitter.
It is so obvious that music from today will be influenced or sound similar to oldies that were released quite a few years ago?!

I am seriously so sick of listening to these types of allegations, and while, yes, I do agree that on occasion there are certain parts of the some songs that sound similar to others, it doesn't mean they are trying to "rip off" the original.
Now, when it happens close in years, that's where it does become a bit questionable.
Like if an artist releases a song in 2012 and in 2014 some other artist releases a song that sounds awfully similar, then maybe you can squint your eyes and shake your head (unless it was accidental, but I mean how can you really know that it was just a coincidence?)

When a song is released in the 60s or 80s or any time in between, then I mean, I figure that a similar melody, tune, riff or whatever will be heard in new songs.
I think musicians need to have each other's back more often than not, because they all know business and instead of making negative comments about one another they should try to be nicer and more understanding (in acceptable situations, such as this one).
This isn't the first time One Direction is accused of "stealing" or "ripping off" another artist and their melodies, but there are many other musicians who have been accused of the same thing, and honestly it is such a waste of report. HA.

Now, I'm not reporting on it, I'm commenting on it and giving my little piece of opinion.
But honestly, why are you going to write an entire article about how the guys "ripped off" another artist and then provide proof from other musicians and videos and all the good stuff? HUH?
And then they go ahead an hour later and write up a lovely article on the same people and compliment this and that. 
I don't really get that, but you know, carry on, as you do.

So let's all be a bit more supportive of one another, and if you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say it at all!

love, J 

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