Alex & Sierra - It's About Us

Alex & Sierra have been two of my absolute favorites since DAY 1.
You might be able to tell that much with my XFactor 2013 post.

Recently they came out with some pretty cool news, and that is that they'd be streaming their first album, "It's About Us" on Vevo.
I plugged in my headphones the other day while doing work, and listened. And I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed with what i heard.
As I'm writing this I'm listening to it (in the library at school, of course) and "Give Me Something" is playing and I can't help but feel a bit sophisticated and cool, which of course is the vibe the song produces.

I can also say that I was pleasantly surprised with the variety, if I can use that word, of the songs. It's like you expected them to come out with something like "Scarecrow" it was just, very Alex & Sierra. And I mean that in the best way.
The rest of their album also has the "Alex & Sierra vibe" but in very different ways, you've got the soft and emotional ("Bumper Cars", "Almost Home", "Little Do You Know", "Broken Frame") and then you've got the cute unexpected ones ("Cheating", "It's About Us", "Just Kids").
Their album consists of a variety of other songs, "I Love You", "Give Me Something", "Back to You", "All For You" and of course, "Scarecrow".
I haven't mentioned one other song, however, and that's "Here We Go", when I first listened to the song, I got slapped in the face with The 1975 vibes. The entire song, not so much, but certain aspects of it, especially the intro. But I love the song, so it isn't a bad thing that I got the vibe :)

I'm really excited for these two lovely ones, and I have been since the very beginning, so I hope you've pre-ordered It's About Us, it'll be out very soon (as in 5 days!!) October 7, 2014.

So take a listen, and pass it along! :)

love, J

(photos belong to their owners, I am not claiming them as my own)