31 October 2014

One Direction - Where We Are Tour Film

SO, I've finally had a moment to breathe 
(sort of, still have quite a few assignments due soon)

One Direction's Where We Are Tour movie,
it was SO amazing!
I know, and you know that I had the crazy privilege of seeing the guys twice this summer, you can read about that here, but it was also really cool to get to watch the movie, which was a whole other experience.
It felt like I was at the concert again, minus the fact that they cut out some of the songs (but I do believe that they will be in the DVD, so it's okay).

I watched it on a Sunday night, keep in mind that the next day was a school/work day, and let me tell you, that theater was packed. There was a decent number of people, and I thought, "this is all that will  show up, decent number" then more people walked in, then more people, and more, and more. People walked in until I was starting to think that everyone would be sitting  side by side and there would be no more seats for anyone else.

I honestly wasn't expecting it, and not because I don't believe in the power of One Direction but because it was a Sunday night, like...7pm-9pm night, and I don't know maybe people are used to going out late on school nights (??????)

The movie started and people actually screamed, there was actual sing alongs as well.
People actually sang back, and they also clapped during "What Makes You Beautiful" and other moments at the concerts that call for crowd interaction were done in the theater, and I was honestly shocked, I wasn't necessarily expecting fan interaction for a movie!

It was really awesome, however, and I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD, so we can relive the WWA love over and over and over again!

love, J

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24 October 2014

One Direction's "Steal My Girl" Music Video!!

It's here!!!
The wait is over, and we finally have a new One Direction music video to watch:)

The music video hit Vevo at 4pm (UK time) and 11am (Eastern time) in the U.S. and if you haven't watched it, I don't know what you've been doing all day (actually, you might have been at work or school, so you're okay).
The music video is nothing less than amazing, you know the usual from the 1D guys, magical and pretty, colorful and humorous. 

I won't go on and on and tell you all about the music video, spoil it for you, instead I'll just let you watch it!

Don't forget, if you want to help Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry break the Vevo record for most views in 24 hours, you've got until tomorrow at the times stated above, (UK - 4pm, USA - 11am eastern time and 8am pacific time), basically, at whatever time the video came out in your country is the deadline time for the 24 hour mark. 
The record is currently Nicki Minaj's with her "Anaconda" music video that ended with 19.6 million views.
So if you want 1D to rule that throne once again, they need to get more than that (19.6 million views).
You can read the rules on How to Make Your VEVO Views Count from the official One Direction website.
So get watching!

love, J

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16 October 2014

One Direction's "FOUR" Album Tracktlist!

*party party party*

I hope you are also partying because this is MAJOR.
Pretty darn obvious why I'm partying if you read the title of this post..

One Direction have released the names for ALL (yes all) their new songs off of "FOUR" and if that didn't just make your day I don't know what will (besides the fact that tomorrow is Friday).

I hope you're ready to be smacked with wonderful song titles.
Here we gooooo..

"FOUR" - One Direction

1. Steal My Girl
2. Ready To Run
3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
4. 18
5. Girl Almighty
6. Fool's Gold
7. Night Changes
8. No Control
9. Fireproof
10. Spaces
11. Stockholm Syndrome
12. Clouds
Bonus Tracks (Deluxe)
13. Change Your Ticket
14. Illusion
15. Once in A Lifetime
16. Act My Age

And IF you are in doubt and think "pssshhhhh who is this person and why would she know this?!" (although, I'm sure almost anyone and everyone knows by now) (or maybe not?)
Below is the OFFICIAL tweet by the One Direction twitter account..

I hope you're fist pumping because this is some pretty cool news!
Don't forget to pre-order FOUR, which comes out November 17th!

love, J

The College Freshman Diaries - Week 6 & 7

I have not written for your lovely faces in quite a while, as I sit in the library at school I realize that I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to write up week 6 & 7 this weekend because......MIDTERMS.
This last weekend/week have been hectic, busy, stressful.
I spent most of my weekend working on a project for one of my classes that I'm going to (hopefully) present tomorrow, presentations started yesterday and I'm hoping I'll get my turn tomorrow!
One fun thing from the weekend, however, was going to the movies and watching One Direction's Where We Are Tour concert movie.
It was really exciting, my experience for that is another post I want to come up with...so I won't dwell much on that, I'll have an entire post!

Midterms are beginning and I'm a trembling!
(Not really)
Okay, I've got a "take home" section for my History midterm, and I also have to take an in class portion. My math midterm is on Wednesday, as for my other classes....there really hasn't been a mention so maybe eventually? Not sure.

I tried out the student center at my school today, rather than the library.
It was actually quite enjoyable.
I sat on some nice little couch and worked on my History midterm.
I was able to buy some water.
See, the student center at my school is the place where a majority of people go to hang out (particularly with friends) but there are some places on the second and third floor where I could go and be by myself or with people that were trying to do work rather than socialize.
I quite liked it, I might consider trying it more often, be a little more adventurous!

Fall is also really hitting us (and by fall I mean the falling leaves) I walk out and have to make sure I don't have an orange or yellow leaf on me or my hair!
It is beautiful though, so I went out after school yesterday and took some pictures!!

That's fall in my backyard :)
I'm really looking forward to the holidays, I know, I know, Halloween isn't even over yet.
Can't help it though, maybe if I had a Haunted Graveyard or Halloween-y (?) trip to go on I'd be more enthusiastic about it....

School is going, and I'm finding myself a teeny tiny bit intimidated by the fact that I'll be having to pick my classes/schedule for the spring semester (next month, I believe). It is because it's my first time doing this in college, but I'm sure I'll be fine....

So wish me luck on my presentation tomorrow! I've been practicing really hard and really beating myself over it, trying to make it run as smoothly and lovely as I can.

Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!! 

love, J

05 October 2014

The College Freshman Diaries - Week 5

This week I discovered that I've technically been in school for 6 weeks, but the first week was only 2 days of actually school....so does that even really count?

I was also remembering today, back in high school, I actually had a fear that no college would accept me. yup. That was an actual fear of mine. Bizarre? Maybe, but I was actually terrified about that, and I think I might have had that fear because of the things that my own peers and educators told me about college and their expectations.

My classmates would talk about the SAT scores that colleges accepted and which ones they didn't. (SAT scores, for those who don't know, is a test in the US that high schoolers take at the beginning of their last year if high school, and it is a way for colleges to get a bit of an idea where you stand in your knowledge on math, reading comprehension and writing)
It's a pretty big stress component when it comes to getting accepted into college, I think it might be something like Europe's big exams, what exactly are they called? GCSE? I'm not too sure, but I do know that those are a big deal over there and they do contribute to the continuation of their (your) education.
So SAT's are important here.
Depending on how you score, and depending on the school is the effect they have on your college career. Some more "prestigious" schools do take the scores as an extremely important factor into your acceptance or rejection to the school, other colleges might just use the scores to place you in a certain class.
Say you underscore in reading comprehension/writing then you might be put in remedial english, or if you underscore in math you would be placed in remedial math. Some other colleges might offer an exam so you can go in and prove that you belong in a higher level math.
If you excel in your scores for the two then you might not be required to take english/math until a certain semester, so on and so forth.

It all depends on the school and their system, but that is pretty much how it works in my college.
Moving on, I know it is college applying season for seniors, and I want to tell you this, if you're currently in this position, don't over stress.

I know you might think "How can I NOT over stress? This is one of the most stressful times of my life!" Because I felt like that, but if you take it step by step and you organize yourself, everything will go smoothly. It will all work out the way it's supposed to work out, and you will end up where you're supposed to be, even if you don't think that is the place you belong.

See, I applied to a school and I was set on going there. I was going to attend this school and I was going to go into a career I had in mind at the time. I was interviewed by one of the admissions people, and I thought I had a pretty good chance, I emailed the lady, she replied. I was pretty confident.
Then I received my letter from the school, and I was so nervous and excited and it was my first college letter, what was it going to say?!

Wait listed.

That's what it said, they thanked me for my interest in their school, and for applying. Then they told me that they didn't currently have a space to offer me. I applied early action, which means I applied early so I could get a response earlier than April/May. Which also means I applied before a majority of the other applicants who waited for the regular application due date.

And I was wait listed. 

I was upset, but I quickly got over it because I realized that this was obviously not the path for me. I had always been leaning more toward my current college, but I thought I would get greater oppurtunities at this other college.
I ended up applying to, getting accepted and going to my current college.
And I'm pretty happy there.
It isn't always so much about the name and oppurtunites that you think will be offered to you in a certain place, it's what you make of it.
Opportunities will come to you no matter where you are and it is ultimately up to you whether you take them or not, whether you make the best of them or not.

 These are things I've always believed, and recently, I've been living them.
It's strange the way things you always thought and dreamed about begin to slowly creep on you.

Just some thoughts, also my week was pretty "school" like, nothing too interesting. lol.

love, J

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04 October 2014

"Reflection" - Fifth Harmony

How long have you been waiting for this?
I've been waiting a very long time for this.

You may or may not know that I've like Fifth Harmony since they were put together, I've rooted for them since day one, and well, looks like my rooting didn't go to waste!! :)

Ally, Lauren, Normani, Dinah, and Camila announced that their debut album, "Reflection" would be coming out November 17th, 2014. I was super pumped with that news since I've been waiting for music from these ladies since 2012.
Recently, however, another group announced the release date of their album, which would also be November 17th (do I need to say who?) and the "Reflection" date had to be changed.

Obviously we want the Fifth Harmony ladies to do well on the music charts and if they were releasing the same day as this other group, it might not be so.
The new release date for "Reflection" is December 2014.

They went into further detail on their website by saying:

"December has played a major part in 5H history.. December 2012 we finished 3rd on The X Factor, which changed our lives forever. December 2013 we did our first holiday radio tour, which included playing at Madison Square Garden. So putting our debut album out in December 2014 just felt right."

Makes sense to me!
So just about 2 more months of wait and soon we'll be able to shake it all around town as we dance along to new Fifth Harmony music!!! (ahhhhhhhhh!!)

I'm pretty excited, and I hope you are too:)

love, J

03 October 2014

"Title" - Meghan Trainor

I know we all jam to "All About That Bass", but don't think this fancy lady with the name of Meghan Trainor has only one head bopper.
Currently taking a listen to her EP, and honestly, how can you not like her music? Her song writing skills are so amazing, and the beat is so "oldy" and I love it. LOVE.
Her lyrics are clever and her beats/tunes/rhythms are so suave, and her singing is so effortless.

I've just gotten through listening to the four songs, and thought, oh hm what others are there?! And was SADDENED to discover that there are only four songs on her EP :( wah.

All About That Bass, Dear Future Husband, Close Your Eyes, and Title.
So I hope an album is brewing because, girl, I am ready.

You definitely need to give these songs a listen if you haven't because you're definitely missing out.

love, J

02 October 2014

Alex & Sierra - It's About Us

Alex & Sierra have been two of my absolute favorites since DAY 1.
You might be able to tell that much with my XFactor 2013 post.

Recently they came out with some pretty cool news, and that is that they'd be streaming their first album, "It's About Us" on Vevo.
I plugged in my headphones the other day while doing work, and listened. And I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed with what i heard.
As I'm writing this I'm listening to it (in the library at school, of course) and "Give Me Something" is playing and I can't help but feel a bit sophisticated and cool, which of course is the vibe the song produces.

I can also say that I was pleasantly surprised with the variety, if I can use that word, of the songs. It's like you expected them to come out with something like "Scarecrow" it was just, very Alex & Sierra. And I mean that in the best way.
The rest of their album also has the "Alex & Sierra vibe" but in very different ways, you've got the soft and emotional ("Bumper Cars", "Almost Home", "Little Do You Know", "Broken Frame") and then you've got the cute unexpected ones ("Cheating", "It's About Us", "Just Kids").
Their album consists of a variety of other songs, "I Love You", "Give Me Something", "Back to You", "All For You" and of course, "Scarecrow".
I haven't mentioned one other song, however, and that's "Here We Go", when I first listened to the song, I got slapped in the face with The 1975 vibes. The entire song, not so much, but certain aspects of it, especially the intro. But I love the song, so it isn't a bad thing that I got the vibe :)

I'm really excited for these two lovely ones, and I have been since the very beginning, so I hope you've pre-ordered It's About Us, it'll be out very soon (as in 5 days!!) October 7, 2014.

So take a listen, and pass it along! :)

love, J

(photos belong to their owners, I am not claiming them as my own)

01 October 2014

One Direction "Rips off" Existing Music..

I've just read through the Billboard article that mentions One Direction "ripping off" New Found Glory, and Journey.
Then we go into the the whole thing of other musicians throwing shade at them for it. I won't mention any names but you could easily find it if you looked on Twitter.
It is so obvious that music from today will be influenced or sound similar to oldies that were released quite a few years ago?!

I am seriously so sick of listening to these types of allegations, and while, yes, I do agree that on occasion there are certain parts of the some songs that sound similar to others, it doesn't mean they are trying to "rip off" the original.
Now, when it happens close in years, that's where it does become a bit questionable.
Like if an artist releases a song in 2012 and in 2014 some other artist releases a song that sounds awfully similar, then maybe you can squint your eyes and shake your head (unless it was accidental, but I mean how can you really know that it was just a coincidence?)

When a song is released in the 60s or 80s or any time in between, then I mean, I figure that a similar melody, tune, riff or whatever will be heard in new songs.
I think musicians need to have each other's back more often than not, because they all know business and instead of making negative comments about one another they should try to be nicer and more understanding (in acceptable situations, such as this one).
This isn't the first time One Direction is accused of "stealing" or "ripping off" another artist and their melodies, but there are many other musicians who have been accused of the same thing, and honestly it is such a waste of report. HA.

Now, I'm not reporting on it, I'm commenting on it and giving my little piece of opinion.
But honestly, why are you going to write an entire article about how the guys "ripped off" another artist and then provide proof from other musicians and videos and all the good stuff? HUH?
And then they go ahead an hour later and write up a lovely article on the same people and compliment this and that. 
I don't really get that, but you know, carry on, as you do.

So let's all be a bit more supportive of one another, and if you haven't got anything nice to say then don't say it at all!

love, J 

(Pictures belong to their owner, I am not claiming them as my own property)