The College Freshman Diaries - Week 4

Hello friends!
I hope you had a magnificent week, and that you made the best of everyday!

I come to you with story telling of my hectic, rough, and stressful week!!!! (extra exclamation points for emphasis on the sloppy and psycho week I had).

 I will begin with my lovely Monday, I came into school stressing out over the fact that I had to do a presentation in my first class. I was shaky and nervous but tried my best to calm myself down. I walked over to the building that my class was in, and waited for the teacher, door was unlocked and we went in. I was prepared to present my partner, which was the assignment. Present your partner and award them with something that is unique and unusual based on their hobbies or personality. My partner, was not so prepared, so we didn't go on Monday because once one partner went, the other followed.

That made me a little angry because I was prepared, and I had set in my mind ever since the last Friday that I was going to be presenting on Monday. Whatever. I just planned to better prepare and present on Wednesday, when I had that class again.
The day went normally and I went to History and Math and yippee, I went home and watched
Dancing with the Stars (shamelessly team Motough).

Tuesday was definitely rough, to say the least..haha.
It was a normal morning routine to prepare for school, and on our way over, car stops working. We have to pull over and wait for help. We sat there for about 2 and a half to 3 hours while it was fixed and everything. School was cool, and then my mom came to pick me up, the car failed us, yet again, and it made an acceleration noise in the hood, and smoke began to come up and out, we got out and some nice old man came to see if we needed any help....lols.
Again, we waited in the car for my pops to come around, and he took my mom, sister, and I to pick up my other sister who was patiently waiting in school.

I'll try to keep it short and simple, Tuesday was very stressful, and then Wednesday I had an appointment with a Retina Specialist so they specialize in retinas (obviously) and there I found out that I had a little tear in my retina because of my near sightedness, and I needed laser treatment, LOLS. Yup so I had to get that done there, and it hurt a little bit, my eyes were very tired afterwards. I came home and took a nap.
Thursday was a little more easy going, except for the rain that made is extra tedious to get around campus. And Friday was chilled out as well, except for my terrible cold that hit me full force on Thursday night and still lingers as I type this on Sunday.
The weekend has been pretty relaxed.

I'm seriously craving some pizza.
Maybe we can have some for dinner?
I'll let you know if it happens.

love, J