The College Freshman Diaries: Week 1

I have been in school for a a little bit over a week, but we can pretend :)

I graduated high school in May of this year, 2014. And I headed of into the summer, carefree of what awaited me in August, college. Now, I wasn't particularly scared of college, I was actually really excited, as the time drew closer I grew more anxious, like I was preparing to jump but kept being told to stay in my seat a bit longer.
I was required to go to two more orientation dates Monday and Tuesday, August 25th and 26th. The first day of school was Thursday, August 28th, and I've been going at it ever since (except for last Monday because it was Labor Day).

It's all been pretty cool, fun, doesn't even feel like school. I have more free time than I ever thought was possible in school, and it's not because I'm not doing my homework, it's actually because I have such little homework, less than I had in high school!

I do get a bit anxious sometimes, especially when I have to head over to a certain class that requires me to do things that are out of my comfort zone. Like this one class in which I have to present, present, present. It

allows the students to grow in their presentation and public speaking skills, which I absolutely despise. I honestly cannot stand talking in front of people, and I have to do almost every class. SIGH. I'll get through.

There isn't much else I have to say about this week, although it is Thursday of "Week 2" I'll write up my thoughts and feelings and shindig from this entire week either Saturday or Sunday!!!


love, J