30 September 2014

College, in the Rain...

I'm sitting in the library and I've now got a headache because what I was hoping wouldn't happen....happened.
So this morning I headed out the door and thought, "hm, I sure hope it doesn't rain today."
and well, as I just found out, I was not so lucky to get my wish granted this time around.

Sure, the rain is a lovely thing when you're at home and you have nothing to do so you make yourself something really delicious and snuggle into bed or on your sofa and watch something really good.
But when you are running errands, or in school (like me) it sure is not fun.
You have to be out and about, getting to and out of class, going here and going there.
I got out of my last class of the day at 1:40. I saw the rain droplets on the small windows in the room and thought, oh no.
So I headed out, without an umbrella.
And I walked the 2-4 minutes all the way to the library, cursing the cold air and the rain droplets falling onto the lenses of my glasses and my face.
I wasn't the only one, however, without an umbrella, I guess many of us were unprepared.

I must admit that it is kind of cute to see everyone walking around with their umbrellas and rain coats, but I think I prefer the sunny-ish days with a nice breeze.
Oh, please wish me luck when winter rolls around and all of campus is covered in snow!

love, J

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