30 September 2014

College, in the Rain...

I'm sitting in the library and I've now got a headache because what I was hoping wouldn't happen....happened.
So this morning I headed out the door and thought, "hm, I sure hope it doesn't rain today."
and well, as I just found out, I was not so lucky to get my wish granted this time around.

Sure, the rain is a lovely thing when you're at home and you have nothing to do so you make yourself something really delicious and snuggle into bed or on your sofa and watch something really good.
But when you are running errands, or in school (like me) it sure is not fun.
You have to be out and about, getting to and out of class, going here and going there.
I got out of my last class of the day at 1:40. I saw the rain droplets on the small windows in the room and thought, oh no.
So I headed out, without an umbrella.
And I walked the 2-4 minutes all the way to the library, cursing the cold air and the rain droplets falling onto the lenses of my glasses and my face.
I wasn't the only one, however, without an umbrella, I guess many of us were unprepared.

I must admit that it is kind of cute to see everyone walking around with their umbrellas and rain coats, but I think I prefer the sunny-ish days with a nice breeze.
Oh, please wish me luck when winter rolls around and all of campus is covered in snow!

love, J

(pictures are not mine, or my property, I do not claim them as mine)

28 September 2014

"Steal My Girl" - One Direction

One Direction delivers, yet again! 

I mean, is it any surprise? 

Their song, "Steal My Girl" was intended to be released tomorrow, Monday, September 29th. But the song was "leaked" one day before, as in today, Sunday.
I woke up to loads of 1D fans freaking out over it, and well, I couldn't resist. Gathered up my pals, and gave it a listen. Not disappointed.

It definitely has a different feel to it, nothing really like what they've done before, but definitely in a good way. Now, "Steal My Girl" doesn't have the same vibe as "Fireproof", which most likely means that "FOUR" will be a range and variety of loveliness to our ears, GIFTS!

"Steal My Girl" has a 25 second intro which leaves you nervous, excited, and anxious for the first lad to being the song. 
"Who will begin the song? What will be the first lyric? OMG?!"
(those were my thoughts during those first 25 seconds, ha)
Then suddenly, our handsome fella, Zayn sings:
"She be my queen since we were sixteen, we want the same things, we dream the same dreams. alright, alright.
I got it all cause she is the one, here mum calls me love, her dad calls me son
alright, alright."

I hope you've listened to the entire song, and if you haven't you should.
(I tried to link it here for you, but I can't, all the videos I find are taken down for copyright and the like)

You can have the song in your music library TOMORROW (!!!!!!)
Pre-Order "FOUR" here.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to drown my ears in a bit more of this new gem by 1D.

love, J

(photos are not mine. credit to their owners)

The College Freshman Diaries - Week 4

Hello friends!
I hope you had a magnificent week, and that you made the best of everyday!

I come to you with story telling of my hectic, rough, and stressful week!!!! (extra exclamation points for emphasis on the sloppy and psycho week I had).

 I will begin with my lovely Monday, I came into school stressing out over the fact that I had to do a presentation in my first class. I was shaky and nervous but tried my best to calm myself down. I walked over to the building that my class was in, and waited for the teacher, door was unlocked and we went in. I was prepared to present my partner, which was the assignment. Present your partner and award them with something that is unique and unusual based on their hobbies or personality. My partner, was not so prepared, so we didn't go on Monday because once one partner went, the other followed.

That made me a little angry because I was prepared, and I had set in my mind ever since the last Friday that I was going to be presenting on Monday. Whatever. I just planned to better prepare and present on Wednesday, when I had that class again.
The day went normally and I went to History and Math and yippee, I went home and watched
Dancing with the Stars (shamelessly team Motough).

Tuesday was definitely rough, to say the least..haha.
It was a normal morning routine to prepare for school, and on our way over, car stops working. We have to pull over and wait for help. We sat there for about 2 and a half to 3 hours while it was fixed and everything. School was cool, and then my mom came to pick me up, the car failed us, yet again, and it made an acceleration noise in the hood, and smoke began to come up and out, we got out and some nice old man came to see if we needed any help....lols.
Again, we waited in the car for my pops to come around, and he took my mom, sister, and I to pick up my other sister who was patiently waiting in school.

I'll try to keep it short and simple, Tuesday was very stressful, and then Wednesday I had an appointment with a Retina Specialist so they specialize in retinas (obviously) and there I found out that I had a little tear in my retina because of my near sightedness, and I needed laser treatment, LOLS. Yup so I had to get that done there, and it hurt a little bit, my eyes were very tired afterwards. I came home and took a nap.
Thursday was a little more easy going, except for the rain that made is extra tedious to get around campus. And Friday was chilled out as well, except for my terrible cold that hit me full force on Thursday night and still lingers as I type this on Sunday.
The weekend has been pretty relaxed.

I'm seriously craving some pizza.
Maybe we can have some for dinner?
I'll let you know if it happens.

love, J

20 September 2014

The College Freshman Diaries: Week 2 & 3

Hey there!

I hope your school year (if you are a student, if not, your year) is going fantastic. I really do mean that because I know school can be tough and can seriously work you up in some unhealthy ways, education and peers and all that jazz. Let's make the most of it though!

See, all my life I've gone through school years with thoughts that certain people were my friends when in reality they were just there for a moment, and whatever, that's cool you know people will enter and exit my life and they'll teach me something. Sometimes it's hard to know whether new people you meet, will turn out to be a good friend or pal of yours, or if they just decided to have a little convo with you until they were more comfortable and had someone else they actually wanted to befriend. 

That is all something that is part of not only a new place, with new people, but also of your current situation. You can never really know someone's intentions, and that is a bit frightening. What if these people just want you to hang around with once or twice, and when you think you'll become good friends they ditch you for someone else? But it is all part of learning different personalities, and finding the right people for you and your lifetime.

My week 2 of college held some of those discoveries, or rediscoveries. 
See, the first day of one of my classes, I found myself befriending a girl, we even hung out after class, the next friday we met up before class and spent the morning figuring out the printers/printing system, we bought some coffee and headed to class.
Soon, it was obvious to me that she had a closer acquaintance in the class. Ever since then they've sat next to each other and walked out of class together, cool. She still smiles at me and acknowledges me but it doesn't look like it will grow into a close friendship. That's OK. Not everyone you meet if going to be your bff.

It is a constant discovery of situations as you grow, you change and other people will change for you to see what you must do to keep going. But one thing is certain, and that is the fact that you must always support yourself. You must give your self pep talks and lift yourself up, don't let the opinions or comments of others affect your perspective, your belief in yourself. You know how an engine keeps a car running, it needs gas to go, obviously the car needs someone to put the gas in it, it can't do that on its own. You are the car, alright, and you need your engine to keep going, and you need gas, and there are the people that will help you put that gas in. Whether you know that they are helping you with the gas or not, there are people that do it.
When you find yourself doubting your abilities and intentions, the reason you do what you do. Think, and confirm. Reassure yourself, and talk yourself through it all.

Monday morning I had a bit of an anxiety situation, where I was a bit shaky and I felt, trapped, almost. On my way to class I talked to myself, in my mind, and I spoke to myself as if I were a friend comforting another. Now don't think I'm going a bit wacky, it was just something that I felt would reassure me and comfort me. 

I'm currently sitting in the library listening to some music (Ed Sheeran, so if my writing seems dramatic and emotional, that is the reason).

See, last week I felt a bit off. I was under the weather most of the week, for no apparent reason honestly. But over the weekend I found myself cheering up, I guess we all have those weeks. This week I'm feeling a bit better.

It is now the Saturday of my "Week 3" and I found that this week was actually a really nice one, I spent some of my breaks with friends and we walked to class together and it was really nice and enjoyable.

On Monday I have to do this presentation that I am not really looking forward to, but it is part of the class, we're always doing presentations and speaking in front of the class. meh. But I'm doing alright, getting through nicely.

The whole week was a good one, today was a Day of Service at my school so we went into town and cleaned up, painted, according to what our groups was assigned to. My group spent some nice funny time waiting for our transportation and then we headed off to a local school and cleaned up the play area and left it nice and clean for the kids.

I think that involving myself with outside of school activities is something that I should do more often, because they turn out being really fun and you end up making pals that you might not have made in class.

This a quick little post, a lot of writing, I'm sorry for that. There were no pictures to post. So if you read through the entire thing. Thanks, you're too cool and too amazing for me to be able to express adequately.

love, J

(I promise on trying to find some sort of pictures for the future posts related to this "series")

11 September 2014

The College Freshman Diaries: Week 1

I have been in school for a a little bit over a week, but we can pretend :)

I graduated high school in May of this year, 2014. And I headed of into the summer, carefree of what awaited me in August, college. Now, I wasn't particularly scared of college, I was actually really excited, as the time drew closer I grew more anxious, like I was preparing to jump but kept being told to stay in my seat a bit longer.
I was required to go to two more orientation dates Monday and Tuesday, August 25th and 26th. The first day of school was Thursday, August 28th, and I've been going at it ever since (except for last Monday because it was Labor Day).

It's all been pretty cool, fun, doesn't even feel like school. I have more free time than I ever thought was possible in school, and it's not because I'm not doing my homework, it's actually because I have such little homework, less than I had in high school!

I do get a bit anxious sometimes, especially when I have to head over to a certain class that requires me to do things that are out of my comfort zone. Like this one class in which I have to present, present, present. It

allows the students to grow in their presentation and public speaking skills, which I absolutely despise. I honestly cannot stand talking in front of people, and I have to do almost every class. SIGH. I'll get through.

There isn't much else I have to say about this week, although it is Thursday of "Week 2" I'll write up my thoughts and feelings and shindig from this entire week either Saturday or Sunday!!!


love, J

08 September 2014

FOUR - One Direction

Woop Woop.

Hear that? It's the sound of millions of fans everywhere exclaiming joy everywhere they go!
This news is definitely a big what the heck? Where did this even come from?

I saw the tweet from the One Direction twitter account that read:

So, naturally, I assumed that there was One Direction album news coming this week, since it is that time of year.
I then had to go into class so I was unable to keep up with the rest of the announcements that were to follow, when I got out of class, however, I was completely shocked to see all that was released and announced while I was in class.
I actually sat in the library which my mouth open, but I closed it quick before someone walked by and thought I was a psycho.

Today, September 8, 2014. We were given 

1. One Direction's next album name (Four)
2. One Direction's album cover (normal and deluxe)
3. A release date (November 17)
4. A FREE SONG (Fireproof)

I was DEFINITELY not expecting all of this information at once. 
If you've been a 1D fan for a while now, then you know how it goes this time of year. We get a little information on the album this week, some more the next, a little more the next week and the last bit another week. But today it was BAM BAM we were overloaded with information.

So I hope you've gotten a chance to listen to "Fireproof" I'm seeing some good stuff on it, I haven't listened :( I'm in school and have got no headphones so I guess I'll have to wait until I get home.

But "Fireproof" is available for FREE DOWNLOAD, and you can pre-order Four here.

I know you're all as excited as I am for this!! WOOHOO! New One Direction music is coming our wayyyyyy!!!

love, J