One Direction - Where We Are Tour

This weekend I got the opportunity to experience One Direction's Where We Are tour.

Originally I was only attending Saturday, as you might remember from my "I'm Going to Where We Are?!" post a few weeks ago. The week of the concert, however, I received a text from a friend, who invited me to the Friday show. And how could one say no?

So I prepared for my 1D filled weekend.

Day 1 - Friday
Friday was a strange day for me, considering I was on the floor. I've never had the privilege of floor seating.
So the drive to Gillette Stadium was 3 hours, because the traffic was insane, I actually felt like I might go a little bit crazy after being sat in it for such a long time. 
We got to the stadium at 6ish. We were running all over the place looking for the filed seating entry and when we finally found it, we went through the bag check and ticket scanning (and bathroom, hey it was three hours of wait!) FINALLY we got to our seats and we sat in awe of the fact of where we actually were.

That up there is an actual picture of my view. It's pretty darn snazzy and it was an unforgettable experience!
We sat a bit late, almost 7pm (show time) so we only waited a few minutes for 5 Seconds of Summer to come out and kill it with their amazing set.


 I made a little video compilation of some of the songs they performed from Day 2. The angle will be different because I sat in a different section! 5 Seconds of Summer put on an amazing show, and I'm so excited that I got to watch them perform, who knows, maybe one day I'll be making a post entirely on a 5 Seconds of Summer concert?
Amazing job, 5SOS!

The wait between 5SOS and One Direction was 1 hour, but it honestly flew by! Yeah, I was really excited for the 1D guys to come on since it had been about a year, almost 2 since I had last seen them.
They play music videos, and some movie trailers during the wait, and then the voices of the 1D guys come on a video on the big screens to talk to the crowd about safety during the concert.
After the video, some interactive music started playing, to get the crowd dancing and singing along. Macarena, Forget You, Summer Nights, You're the One That I Want, along with a few others that would get the crowd going.
Finally, when you LEAST EXPECT IT the entire stadium goes dark, minus the stage, and everyone is instantly out of their seats, cameras in the air, screams make your ears buzz. The musical band comes out, noise, pounding, and BAM the intro video begins to play on the screen! And my oh my, what a sound! 
The crowd gets rallied up with clips of One Direction traveling the world in the silliest ways in attempt to reach the crowd at the stadium. Screams erupt when close ups of the boys appear on screen.
Finally, the middle screen slowly raises, they come out, Niall with guitar strapped on.
"Straight off the plane to a new hotel" Harry sings, fireworks, screams.
"Just touched down you could never tell" he finishes. The show has officially begun.

The guys have a few silly moments on stage, like when two snapbacks were thrown on stage, a Celtics one and a Patriots one and Niall asked the crowd which one he should put on. He went for Celtics then realized the stadium he was in and said "What am I doin? I'm in their stadium!" He then put on the Patriots hat and said "I look like a coach." 

The experience was one that I won't be forgetting soon. If you've experienced a One Direction concert, you know how amazing it is, and if you have never attended one, I honestly and whole-heartedly hope that you get a chance to see them soon. 
I have some pictures below!


I know the pictures aren't much, but I did take more video than pictures, I also promised myself to enjoy myself more than worry about filming every little detail like I had my last two One Direction concerts, because you're there for the experience, not the filming and technology, you're there to have an amazing time!

Day 2 - Saturday
On Saturday the trip was long as well, 3 hours. There was traffic, but less of it!
We got to the stadium a bit over an hour before doors opened, we parked and made our way to the stadium, purchased some merch and waited for the doors to open at 5:30pm.
While we were waiting, I got (halfway) stung by a bee. yup. My first time getting stung by a bee while waiting outside a stadium to be let into a One Direction concert. LOL.
It did hurt, and there were some sort of electrical shocks that would go through my finger, but I was OK, thank goodness I'm not allergic!
We were let in at 5:30 on the dot, and since it was quite hot out and the sun was hitting us directly, everyone started cheering (and hello! where were we being allowed in? pretty exciting)
We found our way to our seats, and although I was farther away than I had been the night before, I was able to appreciate the show from a different angle that allowed me to see everything in all its spectacular glory!
Of course, it isn't about where you sit at a One Direction concert, because many people would wish to be able to attend and sit anywhere. So always appreciate the tickets/seats you have!
The show was just as amazing as it had been the night before, the guys made all sorts of small talk with the crowd and they made everyone feel amazing!
Harry told the crowd he could see everyone, even the people in the food stands that were right behind the second level of the seating. Quite sweet, I think.
During the "Little Things" sing along they told the crowd to "scream it!" at the very end and boy did we. It was something like I've never heard before.

It is something truly amazing to witness with your own eyes. A crowd so passionately supporting the people they love so dearly, singing their music right back at them. Because the crowd wasn't only singing along to "Little Things" on Friday and Saturday night, they were singing along to all the songs. From "Strong" to "Diana" to "Don't Forget Where You Belong" to "What Makes You Beautiful" to "Moments" and "One Thing"
A few of those from album #1, Up All Night.

I have some pictures from night number 2 below.

Now, I'm sure there is still so much I could say about the amazing time I had at Where We Are, and how sweet and incredible the One Direction guys are, but I won't keep you all day. I took some videos at both shows, and I would like to apologize because there will be some screaming and singing. Some might be mine, some might be my friend's and some might just be random people because we were in such close proximity of each other. I would also like to apologize for the sound at some point of the One Direction video, it was very very very loud at the show, and I think the fact that I was so close that it sounds a little scratchy sometimes, because the videos I have from farther away don't sound like that.

The 5SOS video is from day 2 because the day 1 videos were not an option considering you can clearly hear my friend screaming and singing extremely loud. LOL. but it is a concert, right? That's what you do there, sing and scream and dance and just enjoy yourself.

If you're using headphones, start of with a low volume just in case and figure out what level you want to stay with!

Have you gone to WWA? What was your experience like? Is your WWA date coming up? How many days are left on your countdown?
And if you aren't going to WWA, stay hopeful and think positive, because the unexpected could happen at any moment!

love, J