Forever 21, and H&M Goodies!

Hiiiii there!
The last time I made one of these posts was all the way back in June, and even though it hasn't been that long it does seem like it's been an extremely long time. 
This summer has definitely seemed super long, I mean I have been out of school since May that might have a bit to do with it.

So here I am again to share a little on my purchases of the day, considering back to school season is in swing. I see parents and their kids shuffling from place to place looking for clothing and supplies like it's nobody's business. Oh new school year what do you have in store for us all?

All my life I've worn a uniform to school, yup, I never had to worry about figuring out an outfit every single night. But now, I have graduated high school and I'm headed to college, which means, my own clothing, everyday.

I went to the mall today, and I found some nice little things that I might work for school or during my own fun little events outside of school!

The first store I went to was Forever 21 and I decided to get was a nice pair of shoes. I have wanted a pair of shoes like these for a long time, and I never really liked the ones I did see, but finally I found a pair that I decided I did like enough to take home.

 Now they look a little brown in these pictures but, trust me, they're not! They're more of a maroon color that is more feminine than what they look like here.
I feel like these are nice shoes especially for the fall. I can wear them with skirts, shorts and dresses with or without tights!
These little ones cost me about $25. A decent price considering I could have found them on another high end website or store for a much pricier amount. I think that with the proper care, these shoes could last me a while!

The next thing I got was a skirt that looks like its denim. I think that this is cute to wear with a plain white t-shirt or any other proper colored t-shirt.

The picture shows off the back of the skirt, there is a little zipper in the back, the front is plain and simple.
This skirt cost be $9. SALES!

The next picture shows two pairs of jeans. The darker ones I purchased at Forever 21 and they cost around $8 (more sales!!!) the lighter distressed ones are from H&M.

I've wanted a nice pair of light, distressed jeans like the ones I got at H&M for some time now, although I was a little unsure on whether to get them or not, at the end of the day, I'm glad I did! They cost me $25, which is actually not bad at all! They'r really comfy, and the material is really nice so I think it was a pretty good deal!

I also purchased a plain, white long sleeved shirt for the winter. It's good for obvious reasons, under sweaters and other shirts and all that good warm stuff.

It wasn't much, but it definitely was something. A little at a time adds up to a lot, and I can make many outfits with what I already have and the things I bought today!
Although school is starting up again, there are plenty of things to look forward to! 

I'm definitely excited for the holidays, and One Direction's new album! lol. What are you looking forward to?

love, J