All That is Wrong With the Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards is something that I have liked for a long time, something I think many people like.
The only bad thing about the award show is...well...a few things actually.

As an 18 year old teenager I look forward to see what it is my peers and I ruled King and Queen of the past year. Although there is a bit of hype (not as much as VMA and KCA hype) I feel like many disregard it as an unimportant event.

As a teenager, this angers and upsets me. This is something that sort of represents the current generation of teenagers and it feels like this show is half done. If it isn't, I honestly think that the crew behind the production and planning of this award show could do a better job.
Although the 2013 Teen Choice Awards weren't bomb dot com, they were so much better than this last year's.
Let's take a look at some of the most memorable events of the 2013 TCAs..

Last year was definitely more lively. Although it wasn't perfect, it was fun.
This year's TCA left me hoping for more, left me hanging.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, maybe it is just me? But it is something that has been bothering me for a while now and I just want to put it out there.
This year we saw a change in the nominations, all of a sudden we had webstars up for surfboards and all the people we know and love from the internet were up there with the big guys and gals!
I loved the YouTube nominations, I think those people are amazing and do take a lot of time and effort to record/edit/upload all the videos that they do (uploading YouTube videos is a PAIN, editing....oof) and they most definitely deserved some recognition and thanks for their time and patience.
As for the Viners, I don't know if it was quite time for them to be nominated. I feel like that's something that takes time, of course I do love Vine, and I use it all the time, who doesn't like Vine? It's a place to go and get creative and make people laugh within 6 six seconds. But I just don't think the time was right for that set of nominees. Just my opinion.

As for the show itself, I think that it really is lacking a lot. It is very loosely done, there is nothing that really catches my eye and makes me think "WOW, what a show!" like the VMAs. I know they don't compare, but I feel like award shows that are aimed towards the youth, and for the youth are often considered unimportant. "Oh you know these foolish teenagers they don't care about anything so we'll give them a show like their personalities!"
I really do not like the way teenagers are labeled as careless humans who know nothing and only care about themselves. We're not all like that, and why is it a bad thing to be foolish and make mistakes? That's what it is like to grow up. Mistakes and errors are what make us mature adults.

The performances were cool, the nominees were cool, the acceptance videos were cool (yeah I'm talking to you One Direction and 5SOS). There were also many people in attendance that were cool but we hardly got any of them on the screen! Like Fifth Harmony...they were there and they presented an award that Bethany Mota and Tyler Oakley took home, but that's all we got of them, and I'm pretty sure they won an award that we didn't get to see them accept....
That's what it's like for many award shows, yeah ok, but let me rant here, ok.

One last thing about the TCAs that I'm not too sure who is in charge of but I'm just gonna stick it in here because it is something extremely strange. For the TEEN Choice Awards, you obviously have to be a teen to vote. You have contests in which you can enter to win a trip to the TCAs but when I tried to enter I wasn't allowed because I was not of age (ages 13-17?!) Then I go to vote and they have movies up for nominations that are rated R.....
So let me summarize what I'm trying to say if you haven't quite caught vote you have to be a teenager, to enter certain TCA contests you must be at least 13 but not 18 and older, and then they nominate rated R movies, which all the teens allowed to enter the contest are not allowed to enter and watch alone..get what I'm saying? Makes no sense, age restrictions are weird sometimes.

I'm sure there is still a few things that bothered me and still bother me about the TCAs, but that's all at the top of my head. I really hope that the TCA committee come up with something much, much, MUCH better for 2015 because teenagers are people with expectations too.

I hope this wasn't mean, I'm really not trying to be mean, I just wanted to get my opinion out there so that maybe more people/teens will demand a better show and we will get one!

So TCA committee.....I'm expecting something big and amazing for 2015. I'll be waiting.

love, J