5 Things to Make You Happy When You're Feeling Sad.

I think we all have those days, you know what I'm talking about, the days where nothing seems right and you just want to lay in the dark and drift in and out of sleep all day, left along to mope by yourself. Or those days where you want nothing to do with anyone else and you're so unhappy you don't seem to remember how happy you were just yesterday.

I know I have those days sometimes, and I really hate those days. Who wants to feel sad when there is so much to feel happy about?!

So, here are 5 little things that might help you, next time you're feeling a little under the weather!

1. Have a sweet
Go ahead and treat yourself to a chocolate bar, a lollipop, ICE CREAM. Have an iced coffee, or just a mug of coffee, a taffy or cookie. Anything sweet that you like, go for it, because it's pretty darn amazing to have a little yummy treat to lift your spirits!

2. Watch a movie / T.V series
It can be one you like, or one you've never watched! It can be fun looking out for something new that you never thought you'd be interested in. Watch something new, and there you are, a new favorite movie or t.v series to talk about with friends and family!

3. Watch YouTube videos
Wether you watch you favorite YouTuber's vlogs or you watch your favorite artist's interviews or concert shenanigans, I'm sure you'll smile more than once. Watching other's be goofy might help your own mood/feelings and make you feel happier!

3. Listen to music
You can never go wrong with listening to music. Put your headphones in and blast your favorite song or album, lay down, be by yourself for a little while. Block out the world and focus on yourself and your feelings. I guarantee your mood will be better, even if it is only a little bit better. 
      Let the music speak to you

5. Be creative!
You can hang out with friends, and be creative in the way you decide to spend your day/evening. You can read a book, you could write (writing your feelings and emotions can really lighten the load). Draw up a little cartoon, you can be gifted in drawing or you could draw stick figures! (like me). Just express yourself in a positive way rather than a negative way.

Those are just a few that were on the top of my head, things that I like to do when I'm feeling down. Like I said, express yourself in a positive way, not a negative one. There are so many ways you can cheer yourself up, begin sad is not something fun, and the best thing to try and do is lift your spirit, or  lift someone else's spirit! The activity can be small and seem almost insignificant, but I think you'd be surprised how much writing, drawing, listening, and watching can help you feel better. Also, who wouldn't smile with an ice cream cone in hand?!

Smile. Be positive. Love. Create.

love, J

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