16 July 2014


I used to have a few issues with myself when I was growing up, I suppose that's something that comes with puberty and growing. 
As kids grow, they begin to question themselves and the person they really are, or want to become, compared to the person they thought they were.

This stage in life can be vital, just like all the other stages in life that help you grow, this stage helps a person understand themselves and accept the changes that are happening and the person they should be, or want to grow into.

It can become extremely difficult for a girl or boy to transition with ease, many find themselves struggling with their image or their changing appearance. Along with the change of physical appearance, there is a change in the mentality of these children. They become more aware of the people around them, the boys become more aware of the girls and the girls of the boys.

It isn't always only their peers influencing them, the media is known to influence the minds of people everywhere. Out of all of the media's targets, I find that the most affected targets are girls. All kinds of girls, little girls and young girls, teenage girls and on. The media manipulates the minds of girls, and makes them see things that aren't true, about other females, and themselves. 

Many girls will flip the pages of a magazine, see an ad on television or enter a store and look around at all the ads that surround them. The models are perfect, their hair flowing in perfect waves or falling perfectly straight. Their body is perfectly thin and their clothing is pristine. They have flawless skin, not a blemish or flaw in sight. This can affect a girl in more ways then many people think, they look at these beautiful girls and then looking at themselves, they automatically think something isn't right with them because they don't look like the model in the ad. 
This is one of the many, many things that can knock a girl's self-esteem.

If you've read some of my previous blog posts, it isn't the first time I mention girls and empowerment of the female population. 

I am a strong believer of girl power, and I want girls to believe in themselves, I want them to look at themselves and love themselves, no matter what they look like. To know that they are capable of anything, because they are. You shouldn't have to try and convince or reassure a little girl that she can be anything she wants, she should know and grow up knowing and truly believing that she can be anything she wants when she sets her mind to it. Everyone is made differently, everyone has a different shape and appearance, everyone has different goals and aspirations. 

Just like boys know they can enter anything and do it amazingly, girls should feel the same way. They shouldn't enter an activity and look around feeling threatened or inferior to the males surrounding them.

A girl's self esteem should be high, high, high. They should know how amazing they are, because it is vital to their progression and their life and achievements.

Dove is a supporter of empowering women and young girls everywhere. Their campaign is one of, if not the best, one I've seen. They released a video that should speak to you, this video is touching on a level I can't actually explain,

After watching this video, I realized how badly I want to help empower girls everywhere. It has been something on my mind for a year or so, but this just flicked the switch.

The young girls in the video are asked to do an activity "like a girl" and they just, do it. They do what they're told to do the way they would normally do it, or with extra strength and power. The older girls are told to the same thing and they react the same way as the boys react when told to do an activity "like a girl". They flail their arms around and make little noises, they do these activities portraying themselves as weak and incapable..."like a girl".

Since when did doing something like a girl make you unable? Why does doing something like a girl have to be a bad thing? Why does it make you weak and inferior to do something like a girl?

Being a girl is an amazing thing. Girls can do anything, girls have strength and drive.

If you're a girl, and you hate who you are, if you feel weak and like you're worth nothing, I want you to think, think of the things about you that you love. What in your personality makes you happy to be you? Do you like your eyes? Your hair? Your fashion sense? There has to be something about yourself that you love.

Empowering girls is an entire package, it isn't just about telling a girl she's beautiful the way she is or inspiring her and telling her she can do anything. It is so much more than that.

It takes steps, it's a journey, an adventure that I want all girls to embrace and experience.

Being a girl is not a bad thing at all. It's a gift. 

Let's take this journey, this adventure of being a girl, together.

love, J