22 July 2014

Everyone Has Their Own Shine

I was watching 5 Seconds of Summer on the Today Show today, and I was so excited I woke up at 7 in the morning so I wouldn't miss a thing.

I've been a fan of One Direction for a long time now, they've been my absolute favorites from the very beginning.

I respect both artists and love them both in a completely different ways because they are both completely different. Both groups have their own thing that makes them unique and well liked amongst the crowds of supporters.

This topic that I want to talk about has always bothered me, the media is always talking about the "next big thing" and who is going to replace someone/thing now that they've had their time to shine. That is something that I find completely unnecessary.

   Everyone is their own person, doing their own thing, and most of the time, no one is trying to outdo each other. So why is the media and the fans always trying to outdo each other and have their favorites outdo others?

I know that it is a competition and it is a tough role to vote everyday up to the day of the award show to make absolute sure that your favorite(s) wins every single nomination they are up for, but why do you have to hate on the others?

This is something that we see all the time. We see it with actors and actresses, musicians, movies, everything.

One Direction have been on top of the world for a few years now, and their 4 year anniversary is tomorrow, crazy to think that these guys have been around for only four years when it seems like they've been going at it for a lifetime.

We all know that most of the world was introduced to 5SOS as One Direction's opening act on their "Take Me Home" tour, and then again on their "Where We Are" tour. This was an extremely important opportunity for 5SOS, as it has helped them boost the attention they were once receiving, of course their success is solely based on their talent (which they DO have).

So many opportunities have been lining up for 5 Seconds of Summer, award nominations and performances on incredibly important award shows and normal daytime shows, appearances on night shows. Everything seems to be leading in an extremely positive direction for 5 Seconds of Summer.

Today, on the Today Show, I was very disappointed to listen to some of their commentary. Things like "move over One Direction", "they'll be more famous than One Direction", the constant comparison of the two "they play their own instruments and they aren't just a pretty boy band"

I say, why can't we support everyone? Why does their only have to be one hot shot? Only one popular one? Only one that can have all our attention?
We see it with female artists all the time, how this one is trying to be the next so and so and how that one is trying to outdo this other one....ridiculous!

 Like the drama with Fifth Harmony and Little Mix fans, because they are both girl groups....are you serious?! They are completely different and although they both came from XFactor, their stories, adventures and successes are completely different.

Twilight and Harry Potter, anyone? The drama there was another thing that gave me a constant headache. 
"They're not even the same thing!" "They both have werewolves!"
"The last movie is being split in two!" "They're copying Deathly Hallows!"
Yet, Mockingjay of the Hunger Games series is being split in two and there is no accusation of imitation there...
Completely different book/movie franchises with completely different plots.

I'm a fan of Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, I'm a fan of Twilight and Harry Potter (also a major fan of the Hunger Games, November can't come soon enough!), just like I'm a fan of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.

It upsets me that people can't be accepting of more than one thing. Why can't we all just enjoy and complain if there is an actual reason to complain? There is usually never a justifiable reason for complaints, people find the most petty things to overanalyze and criticize. 

I'm not saying that some people don't imitate others to try and reach the same level of success they have, because there are a few of those here and there, but when everyone is doing their own thing...?

One Direction are a boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer are a boy band, every boy (or man..?) that are in a band, are a boy band.
A boy band doesn't have a set meaning, everyone can put their own meaning to the word. You can be a boy band in any way you want, but if you are a young male....in a band....you're in a boy band. Then take it from there and call yourselves whatever else you consider yourselves, rock band, indie...etc.

That doesn't mean that you do coordinated dance moves and wear the same type of clothing. One Direction put their own meaning to boy band..everyone else can put their own meaning to it too.

Being in a boy band isn't a bad thing. Being different is what makes you, you.

So can we please stop shoving talent down when it's still at it's peak and just enjoy everyone? New or old, it's still amazing.

Keep an open mind to new things, and please, let's just....be nice. It doesn't cost you anything to keep mean comments to yourself!

I hope this all made sense..

love, J