11 July 2014

Alex & Sierra - Scarecrow Music Video

Okay, hello how's it going, let's get on with this because my emotions are all over the place thanks to Alex & Sierra.

They've released their music video for "Scarecrow" and OHMY.

I had a little trouble watching it, I had a literal emotion overload. I won't spoil it, I'll leave it below for you to watch and just...... *sigh*

This definitely beats their puppet lyric video, which was adorable don't get me wrong, but I honestly cannot deal with this video...ahhh!

I think I should have waited for a moment when my emotions would be a little more under control, this video is everything and more. 

Also, make sure to pre-order their album (what?!) on Tuesday, July 15!!!

I am so excited for these two and their career, and I'm just so proud of them.

You go Alex & Sierra, you go!

love, J